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Aaron Fletcher – The Fletcher Method
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Business Owners Struggle With Marketing

Establishing clear, challenging yet attainable goals puts you in the driver’s seat. It causes you to get focused and aware when you steer off track. Goals give you the what so you can focus on the how.

Information overload becomes a HUGE problem as it creates monstrous frustration, overwhelm, confusion and loss of time and money. We are collecting bits and pieces of the marketing puzzle not knowing how to put it together, or in what order.

In any of life’s pursuits, with the exception of starting and marketing a business, there are very well defined and proven frameworks or “conceptual structures to guide the building of something.” This is why online marketing can be so hard.

Finally, a Method to Your Marketing Madness
The Fletcher Method Community is a complete step-by-step system for growing your business using proven frameworks and systems. Unlike other marketing programs that offer fragmented pieces of the marketing puzzle, The Fletcher Method Community is the completed puzzle itself.  The program’s unique “M.A.P.S.” system provides the perfect environment for rapid growth with zero tech overwhelm:

Guidance from Somebody Who’s Been There
One the the greatest factors of success is receiving guidance from a trusted advisor who has been there before – someone who has walked the walk and is passionate about helping others get there too. I can’t think of a successful athlete or entrepreneur who hasn’t leveraged mentorship to achieve goals more quickly. In fact, Mentorship is what separates amateurs from pros….

Stay on Track of Your Goals
I often tell my coaching students that something 90% complete is ZERO % complete! You have to be accountable, both to yourself and others. You have to state the one to three things that need to get done in order to stay on track with your goals. This keeps you clear on your priorities and helps others know where you are and what what you might be struggling with.

A Community of Support and Inspiration
We all want to belong to something and surround ourselves with positive minded, kind people who inspire us and support our goals as we support theirs.  We’ve all heard the saying that “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” from Jim Rohn. And it’s absolutely true. Peers who are on the same journey you are, celebrating wins, supporting each other, helping us achieve, friendly competition, no one wants to get left behind!

There’s a Framework for That
I have hundreds of proven frameworks and processes that allow you to spend your time implementing and moving forward quickly. Kind of like the paint-by-numbers coloring books you had when you were a kid.

Because That’s How We Roll
BIWEEKLY LIVE TRAINING: Weekly group training calls and FAQ’s. Let me help you get “unstuck” or perhaps use your business as a case study. Just one of these is worth the price of admission! These calls will also be recorded if you missed one.
WORDPRESS THEMES: Free, mobile responsive WordPress templates.
SWIPE FILES: Tons of tested and proven copy at your fingertips.

PRINTABLE FRAMEWORKS: All frameworks are formatted for easy printing and implementation.
CONNECTIONS: A valuable opportunity for freelancers to connect, JV opportunities and potential new clients.
FLETCHER METHOD SUPPORT: We guarantee response to your questions from our support team within 24 hours. If you’re stuck on something, we’re happy to be at your service. On demand, expert advice when you need it most.

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