Affiloblueprint 3.0 site made its first sale 10 weeks after launch and now makes on average of $300 a month. I put the initial work in whilst following the course then moved to launch other projects. I intend to revisit the first site and build on its successes.
As some of you may know, these past few months I’ve been slowly working through Mark Ling’s Affiloblueprint 3.0.
It’s a very comprehensive online marketing course teaching how to create profitable niche affiliate sites from scratch.
As I have now nearly finished the course and it’s still fresh in my mind, I’ve put a candid Affiloblueprint 3.0 review together to help guide any would be buyers.

The Reality of Internet Marketing
Firstly, I was drawn to this course as it is not pitched as a get rich quick scheme. Instead it talks about growing a sustainable business in Internet Marketing and humbly says to expect to earn $50 a week or so after the first 3 months or so of the site being live.

This is quite different to some of the claims made by other courses seen on well some well known forums.
The reality is that there are methods out there that can generate money quicker, but these probably wont have much longevity.
Affiloblueprint on the other hand introduces you a broad range of techniques allowing you to build long term passive income from “authority” style sites. This and the knowledge gained will set you up for a career in Internet Marketing should you wish to pursue it.
The reality is you will probably build one or two sites using this method then evolve your own style based on what works for you and what you most enjoy doing.
In truth, making money online takes time and a lot of effort. Don’t be fooled into thinking there is easy money to be had, as people may try to make out. If they are saying this, then they are probably trying to make easy money out of you. So be warned…
In my experience, making money through niche marketing comes from hard work and perseverance. It involves putting in the hours and making a lot of mistakes. It is from these, providing we learn from them that we become experienced internet marketeers.
The Course

The Affiloblueprint 3.0 course is a well laid out product consisting of instructional videos and links to resources. It is broken into chapters outlining the various stages from choosing a niche, product choice, keyword research, content creation, site design then the various techniques for driving traffic including SEO, PPC, and Social Media.
Alongside this is a check-list so you can track your progress and performance. All nice touches.

The Affiloblueprint course has been around a while, and has evolved alongside internet marketing practises and more importantly updates in Google algorithms and social media.
It is very thorough and covers all aspects of online marketing, which is no mean feat. Although I do advise you research ideas further to get better insight, especially SEO which is currently in a massive state of flux.
AB sells itself as being Penguin and Panda friendly. Previously the course would have focussed on article spinning and blog networks for ranking sites, but that has given way to more sustainable white hat practises.
For those that don’t know, simply put, the Penguin and Panda updates effect how Google now works. It has invalidated some previous effective techniques used to gain back links in order to attain high search engine rankings as well as put an end to poor content, or “thin” websites that offer nor real value to the user.
As such, Google is now much harder to “trick” so therefore gaining back links to achieve better rankings has to be done very carefully to avoid your site being penalised.
Fortunately these are covered in detail. Plus Google is now not the only big driver of traffic. The explosion of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, alongside YouTube means there are lots of other ways to drive quality traffic. These are more often quicker to get results from too.
Afiloblueprint spends a lot of time looking at these different sources and how you can leverage them to begin to make money online.

I paid about $200 which is very reasonable seeing as how much valuable information is contained within the course. Even for intermediate Internet marketers, they’ll be things you didn’t know.
You will be provided with hosting if you need it and the WordPress Affilotheme that has everything you need to put a decent looking site together. I tried Affilotheme and thought it was a good affiliate theme.
Mainly as it has so much built into it, such as a cool header design software and some great plugins for squeeze pages that would cost a lot to purchase standalone.
Here is Affilotheme in action on my site:

Don’t be deceived by the name, this is actually quite a good tool. I was in fact very surprised, as have used many similar industry tools that cost a lot more money but don’t have half the functionality Traffic Travis has.
It has some very handy SEO research features plus I also found the results to be very accurate. It also has some very cheeky competitor PPC campaign analysis.
Here is what I use it daily for:

Keyword Rank Tracking on all my sites
Spidering of site for SEO issues – don’t rely solely on SEO by Yoast to tell you a page is optimised. You need an external view of the site. I have come unstuck a few times with this in the past
First Level Keyword Analysis and SERP investigation for competition
PPC Competitor analysis
Back link analysis

I am now using other software that is more specialist in each area as my understanding grows.
One word of warning, do not take the keyword rank difficulty suggestion as gospel. It is just a very loose guide based on a few metrics. Use Traffic Travis to process a whole bunch of suitable terms and then export to excel. From here you can pull out the more interesting ones and go deeper into competition. You have to do this manually and use other tools. No software can tell you how easy something will be to rank.
For example, Traffic Travis says that a brand keyword will be “difficult” to rank for. I am actually ranked 4th with no off-page SEO. Just some tight on-page stuff.
Remember nothing beats your brain and NEVER rely purely on software to tell you what to try and rank for.
If you decide to use Traffic Travis, I suggest you buy the full version otherwise you’ll be too restricted when it comes to keyword research volumes.
You may want to consider some private proxies plus a Death by Captcha account as all the Google queries will start to generate a lot of Captcha requests. Its optional though.
Alternative software to consider if you don’t buy Traffic Travis Pro are:

These are both good at keyword research and offer more SERP metrics to examine than TT but they also lack in all round functionality. I’d use all the free versions and demos first before committing to purchase, especially if you are on a budget.
I did upgrade to the full version and now use it all the time as a tool of choice for a lot of the grunt work.
My Progress So Far

Just so you know, my AB site has been live for almost 2 months. As I have other work commitments I try to dedicate around one full day a week to working through the course.
Although the site has yet to make a sale, I am starting to get a good number of click through’s for the three affiliate products advertised. So it is just a matter of time now…

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