How I Make a Living on YouTube (2015)

Name Product: Alun Hill – YouTube As a Career
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Instructor:  Alun Hill
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Learn How I Built Two YouTube Channels to Over 900,000 Subscribers. With over 4 years on YouTube I have learned a good portion about what it takes to become successful on the platform. This course will teach you the same exact methods and steps that I have applied to my own channels to see tremendous results. With over 900,000 subscribers and 320,000,000 million video views there is no doubt in my mind that if you follow this course and listen to my advice, you can reach the same type of success that I have. This course will teach you valuable lessons on extremely beneficial YouTube practices. You will be able to learn the methods that I have used successfully over the past 4 years and apply them to your own YouTube channel to see results.
Some of the things we are going to cover;
How to name your YouTube channel
How to title your YouTube videos
How to describe your YouTube videos
How to tag your YouTube videos
Things that affect our search rankings
How to create an awesome looking YouTube thumbnail
How to create a video for your YouTube channel
Programs (Free and Paid)
Choosing your niche
Social media
Affiliate marketing
Upload scheduling and consistency
Free royalty free resources for videos, music, and photos
YouTube algorithm
And much more!
These aren’t gimmicky techniques that other courses will try to sell you on, these are methods that work and actually show results. If you are wanting a get rich quick course then this might not be for you. People get discouraged all the time when they try to get going on YouTube because for whatever reason they assume it is a way to gain overnight fame and money. You must put the work in and using these methods as a baseline will show way better results than anything offered as “Make money instantly!”.
Whether you are completely new to YouTube or have previous experience, you can follow along and apply these practices to your channel immediately.
Thanks, Kris
What are the requirements?
You Should Have Access to a Computer and the Internet
What am I going to get from this course?
Over 36 lectures and 2 hours of content!
Know what goes into making a successful YouTube channel
Create your own unique and custom YouTube thumbnails
Create your own YouTube videos
Learn about why the naming of your channel and videos is crucial
Learn what goes into the monetization process and what determines your income
See how to title, tag, and describe your videos
See how to make money using affiliate links and marketing
See what programs are best for creating YouTube videos (free and paid)
Learn about annotations and why they are so important
Learn about collaborating and networking
Learn the best way to go about choosing a niche for your YouTube channel
See why schedule and consistency are huge when growing your following
and much more!

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