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Go Inside a $1.3 Million eCommerce Business to Learn How to Build Your Own Successful Store
This is where I’m supposed to say how rich you’ll become by starting a store at home in your pajamas with my guide …
… except that I’m not going to.
I won’t be posting beach shots of a luxurious lifestyle to convince you that I’ve struck it rich.  You won’t hear how to make $5 million dollars per year while watching television in bed until 2:30 in the afternoon.
So if you’re looking for the traditionally hyped-up sales page, you’re going to be sadly disappointed.
You’re likely an eCommerceFuel reader, which means you appreciate authentic, no-BS material – and you’re not the kind who falls for sleazy sales tactics.  That’s why I decided to skip the whole dog-and-pony show and get right down to business.
So how can the Insider’s Guide help you?

Get an Inside Look at How Successful Stores Are Built
… so you don’t waste time with unproven techniques and mistakes

The Insider’s Guide offers you a true insider look at the techniques I used to grow my two eCommerce businesses, and Right Channel Radios, to more than $1.3 million in annual revenue.  I’ve built both of these businesses from the ground up, and I use my real-world experience to teach you how to do the same.
Most “make money online” products teach broad, abstract principles that have no real-world application.  You never get to see the techniques in action, let alone learn the names of businesses that have benefited from them (if they exist).  Often, the person selling the training has never made a full-time income from what he or she teaches!
I’ve been a full-time eCommerce entrepreneur for more than five years.  Not only do I share the names of my businesses with you, but I also incorporate my experiences into the training so you know what worked for me – and what didn’t.
The result is a rare, inside look into how to build a successful online store that you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy High-Quality, Comprehensive Training
… so you get your money’s worth, learn a ton and don’t regret your purchase
If you’ve enjoyed my in-depth posts on eCommerceFuel and my eBook content, you’re going to LOVE the Insider’s Guide.
I invested more than three months into planning, outlining, creating and publishing it.  I worked hard to make sure it was actionable, easy to watch, fun to listen to and extremely useful.
It’s also comprehensive and covers everything you’ll be doing – from incorporating your business and picking a niche all the way through marketing and optimizing your store.  I spent a lot of time making sure each step was covered in detail, and it’s a resource you’ll be able to refer back to time and again throughout the lifespan of your business.

More than 70 lessons and 22 hours of video and audio content
Comprehensive training on everything from business setup to marketing and optimization
Nearly two dozen worksheets and cheat sheets
In-depth screencasts, detailed interviews and slide decks that won’t bore you to tears

Screencasts That Show You Exactly What to Do
… so you can quickly start applying your new skills

Ever gone through a training course only to remain confused at the end about how to actually implement what you learned?  It’s frustrating.
That’s why the guide is packed with “in action” screencast videos that let you watch over my shoulder as I apply the concepts learned to actually carry out the task.  A few examples of the “in action” videos include:
Keyword Research in Action: Watch as I do keyword research, from scratch, for the relaunch of my store
AdWords in Action: Follow me as I create a new AdWords campaign – one I actually use – and record the entire process
Finding Suppliers in Action: See exactly how I search Google for niche suppliers and spot “fake” wholesalers

Follow a Proven Step-by-Step Process
… so you don’t waste months getting frustrated and ultimately give up
Starting an online store can be a confusing process, especially if you’ve never done it before!  That’s why the lessons and modules build upon themselves and are laid out in chronological order, so you know exactly which lesson and step to take next to move your business forward.
The content in this guide is unlike anything publicly and freely available.  But even assuming you could get it all for free, you’d need to spend hours and hours searching hundreds of websites to come close to learning everything that’s included here.  Even then, you’d still need to decide where to begin and what to prioritize.  The Insider’s Guide takes care of all that for you.

Build a Successful Business You’re Proud Of
… so you can get more enjoyment out of your life

As much as I want to steer clear of hokey sales-speak, it’s important to realize how a profitable store can dramatically change your life.
Building a successful online store is like creating anything else of value: It takes dedication, time and hard work.  If you’re hoping to get rich quickly, I’d recommend closing your browser window, heading down to the nearest convenience store and buying a lottery ticket.
But if you’re willing to invest the time to build it, an online store can open up a new world for you.

How Would You Feel – If You Earned Twice as Much Money?
I make far more money with my online store than I ever did in my previous job.  It’s a great feeling to be able to comfortably support my family without having to worry about paying bills.  Money definitely doesn’t buy happiness, but not having to stress out about it is a wonderful feeling.

Where Would You Go – If You Could Work From Anywhere?
Because I outsource my warehouse and fulfillment with drop shipping, I can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection – and I do!  I’ve traveled to 20+ countries, all while running my businesses.  It’s amazing to have the freedom to visit friends and family, or just travel for the fun of it, while still being able to work and get things done.

Who Would You See More – If You Set Your Own Schedule?
In my old job, I’d be lucky to have a few days off around Christmas before racing back to my job.  Not being able to spend time with loved ones was one of the hardest parts about working a traditional job.
Today, I’m able to set my own schedule and see friends and family whenever I want.  And because the businesses run without me now that they’re established, they continue to make money even when I’m not actively working on them.  Having the free time to see whomever I want – whenever I want – is wonderfully liberating.

My eCommerce Background
smallHeadshotIn case you’re not familiar with my story, here’s a quick summary: A few years ago, I quit my life-consuming finance job and started my own eCommerce drop shipping business, Right Channel Radios, with just $1,500.  I’ve been a full-time store owner ever since, launching additional stores like and increasing my sales and profits every year I’ve been in business.
Last year, my business generated $1.3 million in sales – all with a small two-person team that I manage from my home office.
And the best part?  Because I use the drop shipping model, I can run my businesses from anywhere – and I do! In 2011, my wife and I spent seven months traveling around the world, thanks to the freedom my businesses offer. I’ve also written two highly regarded eBooks on eCommerce, launched a popular blog called and spoken at international events about my experience.
My point isn’t to show off, but to let you know that I do know what I’m talking about and have used the methods I teach to grow profitable, location-independent eCommerce businesses.
If you’re still not convinced, please head over to my blog (wait, he’s asking me to LEAVE his sales page?!) and spend some time reading my posts and free eBook. I’d also encourage you to Google my websites, Right Channel Radios and, and spend some time poking around.
I believe you’ll be able to tell from my work and my writing that I’m genuinely passionate about – and very experienced with – eCommerce.

What’s Included With the Insider’s Guide?
The Insider’s Guide is organized into five modules, each designed to guide you through a specific stage of building a successful store.  It’s laid out chronologically so you can easily follow along as you start your business, even if you’re just getting started.

Module 1 – Set Up Your Business the Right Way
… so you don’t have to waste time doing it again in the future
(Includes 5 lessons + worksheets)
The Insider’s Guide starts from the ground up to help you understand what’s required to get your business up and running.  You’ll learn:
When to Incorporate: If and when you should incorporate your online business
Different Legal Structures: The pros and cons of various U.S. legal structures (sole proprietor, LLC, C-Corp, etc.)
What Legal Steps You Need to Take: The financial and legal requirements needed to get started, including a discussion of business licenses, government tax numbers, sales tax issues and more
Living Outside the United States?
The guide has you covered!  This module also includes:
Setting Up a U.S. Business Overseas: Are you outside the U.S. but want to tap its immense market?  Learn how in my interview with an entrepreneur who set up a U.S. business that he operates from Australia.
Canada, UK and Australian Quick-Start: A quick-start guide to point entrepreneurs in the right direction as they establish businesses in these three countries

Module 2 – Makes Picking a Niche Much Easier
… so you can finally pick a market and start building your store
(Includes 17 lessons + worksheets)
When it comes to picking a niche, there are three difficult parts: coming up with an idea, deciding if it’s too competitive and knowing if you’ll make any money.  The Insider’s Guide contains an entire 17-lesson module that takes the hard work out of this process:
Thousands of Niche Ideas and Brainstorming Resources
Magazine Database: A database of 1,000+ hobbyist and trade magazines to help you uncover potential niche markets
In-Demand Niche Products: Hundreds of niche products that people are actively searching for on Google
Business Broker List: A list of business brokers, where you can see actual online stores for sale and get inspired

Quickly Identify Where You Can (And Can’t) Compete
If a niche is too competitive, you’ll never get any traction or make any money.  That’s why competitive analysis is covered in depth, making it easy to understand if you’ll have a shot at making money in your niche.  Specifically, the guide covers:
Competitor Analysis: How to pull apart a niche’s competitors and see if you’ll be able to compete against them
Evaluating “Giants”: How to know if you’ll be able to compete against sites like Amazon – or if they’ll eat you for lunch
Competitive Advantage: Understanding if you’ll be able to offer something unique that will set you apart

Follow a Simple Process to Pick Your Best Idea
Even with all this knowledge, making a final decision about your niche can be painstaking.  That’s why the guide includes a detailed, step-by-step process for determining which niche ideas are worth pursuing.  It includes:
Niche Profitability Spreadsheet Model: This custom-built model does all the hard work to calculate potential niche profitability
Easy-to-Follow Process: A step-by-step process for narrowing down your large list to your top 4 or 5 niches
Expanded Niche Grading Scorecard: Grading criteria sheet for quickly picking your niche (expanded from my eBook)

Learn How to Find Real Wholesale Suppliers
This module isn’t just about finding a niche.  It also teaches you exactly how to find high-quality wholesale suppliers:
Learn How to Find Wholesalers – for Free: Discover how to find genuine wholesale sources for your products without having to pay
Watch Me Find Quality Suppliers: Watch over my shoulder as I identify suppliers for a real-world niche in Google – and spot “fake” middlemen
Word-for-Word Phone Script: Confidently call potential suppliers, even if you’re usually nervous on the phone
Drop Ship With Big Margins: Learn how to drop ship directly from manufacturers while enjoying huge profit margins in my interview with eCommerce veteran Dave Huckabay
Question Checklist for Suppliers: You won’t forget to ask about any crucial supplier issues with this included resource

Module 3 – Build and Launch Your Store Quickly
… so you’re not still working on getting it live a year from now
Too many merchants spend months – even years – working on their store before launching it publicly.  By the time they finally get it online, they’ve squandered a bunch of time better spent marketing, improving and growing their business.  Don’t make that mistake.
This module tackles the problems people face when building their first store to help them get launched as quickly as possible.
Pick the Perfect Shopping Cart: Find the perfect shopping cart with a detailed “pros and cons” discussion of 14 platforms by cart expert Andrew Bleakley
In-Depth Keyword Research Training: Watch over my shoulder as I do the actual keyword research for the site relaunch.  Then, use my Keyword Research Cheat Sheet to duplicate the process and find the keywords you need to be targeting for your own store.
Master On-Page SEO: Learn how to optimize your pages and structure your site to maximize free organic traffic from Google
Pick a Great Store Name: I share my successes (and regrets) with naming numerous businesses to help you pick a store name that won’t limit your growth
Many Other Important Lessons: Learn the ins and outs of credit card processing, site design, logo creation and more

Module 4 – Market Your New Store Like a Pro
… so it doesn’t die a lonely, traffic-starved death
(Includes 20 lessons and worksheets)
Many online stores fail because they don’t have any customers.  Yet most training courses barely focus on marketing when it’s the most crucial factor to success!  Because it’s so important, I’ve dedicated a massive 20-lesson module to it.
I’ve driven more than 2 million visits to my websites, the vast majority for free via organic traffic or non-paid marketing techniques.  In less than a year, I was able to build the eCommerceFuel blog to more than 8,500 subscribers and generate more than 100,000 visits – all without spending any money on marketing.
I know how to market websites.
In this module, I share my tricks and techniques for driving large numbers of customers to your store, even if you can’t afford to spend any money on marketing.
Generate Free Traffic With Advanced SEO: Learn the ins and outs of off-page SEO and how to get links to increase your rankings
Spy on Competitor Backlinks: Use free online tools to spy on competitor backlinks to uncover valuable linking opportunities
Craft Powerful Outreach Emails: Get replies to your outreach emails, even from sites being pitched dozens of guest-post ideas daily
5-Part Guest Posting Mini-Course: Guest posting is one of the most effective marketing strategies, and I cover everything from finding opportunities to how to write link-filled articles that get published
Turn Video Into Visitors: Understand how to use video to drive customers to your site
Use Facebook the Right Way: Facebook marketing expert James McLaughlin has built pages with more than 70,000 “likes” – and teaches how you can do the same
Plus Many More Lessons: Covering topics such as forums, link directories, article marketing, social media, email marketing and more

Module 5 – Maximize Profits by Improving Your Store
… so you’ll have more money to grow your business and enjoy life
(Includes 16 lessons and worksheets)
After going through the first four modules, you’ll have a store up and running that’s getting traffic and making sales.  But chances are, your first version of the store will need some fine tuning.  That’s where this module comes in.
I’ve relaunched numerous online stores, each time increasing revenues by about 50% and 100%.  In this module, I teach you the step-by-step process to ensure you’re making the most money possible.
Instantly Increase Profits: Discover the one basic change that resulted in an instant 30% increase in store profits and allowed me to hire my first employee
Build Loyal Customers: Learn how to offer outstanding support and build super-loyal customers, all while limiting time-consuming calls and emails
Learn From My Store Relaunches: See the exact changes I made to my own stores that radically increased conversion and sales
Narrowing Your Focus: Follow my systematic process for finding your best, most profitable customers and building a site that caters to their needs
Use Internal Linking to Boost Rankings: Funnel the power of your existing site to improve your rankings, traffic and revenue – all without building any links
Increase Traffic With Minor Changes: I’ll teach you how adding just a handful of words to your existing pages will allow you to quickly rank for profitable long-tail keywords
Create High-Converting Pages: Find out how to create high-converting product pages and maximize the impact of your home, category and checkout pages
Plus Many More Lessons: Including training on setting up crucial systems, how to relaunch a site and more

Name Product: Andrew Youderian – The Insider’s Guide Full Version
Market price: $599
Author: Andrew Youderian
Page Sale: