Anthony Tilley, Igor Kheifets, Emilis Strimaitis – $10,000 a Month with Solo Ads

Anthony Tilley here from Newport, South Wales, UK.
If you’ve een looking for an easy way to make $10,000.00 or more per month with email marketing… that works for even the greenest of newbies…and requires as little as 2 hours per day to maintain…

Carefully read every word of this thread.
“And Before I Share My Simple 5-Step “Copy-Paste” Formula To $10,000.00 Per Month With You, It’s Very Important To Me That You Know Who I Am & Why I Am Doing This”…
My name is Anthony Tilley and before discovering the simple, almost no-fail system that I’m going to share with you in a few minutes…
I had been struggling for 14 years… trying to make money online using the “traditional” methods that are way past their sell-by date.
After all those years of banging my head against a brick wall and literally spending tens of thousands of dollars attempting to suss out at a system that works…
“…I Finally Stumbled Upon a Bullet-Proof Shortcut To Siphoning Cash On Demand Day-In & Day-Out That Has Nothing To Do With Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank or WSOs”

In Fact I Had 28 People Paying Me Between $200.00 To $600.00 A Month, As Regular As Clock Work!
I am sure you can imagine the freedom and lifestyle this rapid income boost gave me…
– No more nights away in lonely hotels miles apart from my family because of my J.O.B.
– No more asking permission from my annoying boss to visit my kids’ School rugby games during day time
– I was finally able to afford that BMW 520i I always wanted
– For the first time ever I took my whole family to a 5-star holiday vacation
– My wife was ecstatic to find the £1,500.00 Leather Suite in our living room… the same leather suite she thought we could never afford without sinking deeper into credit card debt
– I wake up in the morning and go play golf instead of dreaming about playing it, while sitting, pissed off at my boss and his crap!
All of magnificent change above have come as a result of…
“Selling Solo Ads!”

Here’s exactly what I did:
1) I built a list
2) I offered others a chance to mail offers to my list for a fee
3) I rinse & repeat several times a week

As a result, I quickly became one of the go-to guys for almost every major internet marketer who’s looking for traffic to his/her offers.
This simple process can be easily duplicated by ANYONE regardless of previous experience or skill set and here’s the kicker…
“The Results Are Almost Instant!”
You will be shocked to see how fast you can start pulling in a full time income using this strategy…
Even if you have NEVER made a single penny in your life until now.
And before I delve into details of this guaranteed-to-make-you-money method, I want you to know that…

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