Bill McIntosh – Social Video Formula Step 1-3 + OTO1,2
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The Brand New Traffic Getting System That’s Turning $10 Facebook Ad Budgets into Six Figure Income Machines
Never seen before (brand new for 2015)
Evergreen system (and getting bigger by the day)
Super easy (no special skills or expensive tools required)
Works in any niche (we’ve been using this to rake in crazy traffic and cash in 7 different niches)
Guaranteed results in 24hrs (or we’ll double your money back!)
Pathetically cheap traffic, insane click thru rate and incredible income is closer than you think. (.it’s time you knew the TRUTH about Facebook traffic!)

Finally, you can steal the secret blueprint that turns “ordinary” Facebook video ads into unstoppable sales machines, starting with the loose change down the back of your couch.
We’re going to show you how to create simple 30 second videos and deploy them strategically.
. to breach people’s busy newsfeeds.
. and finally create a traffic and sales avalanche like you’ve never seen before.
And it’s easier than you think.
Get all the cheap, targeted traffic you need, in just 5 simple steps.

Step #1: ARM
Use our “secret shortcut” to creating 30 second, weirdly powerful video ads, without expensive tools or blowing your budget on freelancers.

Step #2: DEPLOY
Use our “secret shortcut” to creating 30 second, weirdly powerful video ads, without expensive tools or blowing your budget on freelancers.

Step #3: BREACH
Deploy the “knockout combo” of ad types we use to “force” your way into people’s newsfeeds and drive a ton of targeted leads to any website you choose.

Step #4: CONQUER
Launch a simple retargeting campaign using our tested strategy that gets clicks for as low as $0.004 per click, and pulls in leads and sales like crazy.

Step #3: GROW
Scale these campaigns up to crazy heights with our fast growth techniques, even if you’re starting on a shoestring budget (unlike other methods, this is a truly scalable system in any niche.)
Yes, it’s really that simple
Just follow these 5 steps (and don’t skip on the finer details we cover inside.)
. and now you can be on the cutting edge of this brand new Facebook video ad trend.
. grabbing people by the eyeballs.
. getting a flood of clicks.
. and generating a ton of daily sales.
. on a tiny ad budget.
And I’ll be honest.

You won’t find this strategy anywhere else!
Facebook video ads are brand new, and most people are still “toying” with the idea.
Seriously, we can’t find anyone who even knows about this stuff, let alone breaking it down into such a powerful, risk-free formula.
This 5 step system might “sound” obvious, but the devil is in the detail, and our system is packed with little-known details, tricks and tips to getting dirt cheap traffic, leads and sales with your Facebook video ad, from day one.
And now I’m giving you a “backstage pass” to see behind the curtain, and with the flick of a switch, you could be sitting on all start raking in all the traffic, leads and sales you could ever want.

What will you do with all this traffic?
Build a red hot list of leads?
Fill your webinars to the rafters?
Start a six figure ecommerce store?
Launch a best-selling book?
Become an offline superhero?
Become a record-breaking super affiliate?
Whatever you need traffic for.

. it’s finally within your reach.
Just plug into this red hot traffic-getting system.

. and you’ll never look back.
And I’m sure about this, I’m offering you.