Blockchain & FinTech: A Comprehensive Blueprint to Understanding Blockchain & Financial Technology

Name Product: Blockchain & FinTech: A Comprehensive Blueprint to Understanding Blockchain & Financial Technology
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Blockchain: The Revolutionary Potential and Impact of Blockchain Technology to businesses, finance and the world. The Essential Guide to understanding the New Economy.
In 2008, work began on one of the most ambitious and liberating software projects to date. Satoshi Yakamoto put forward a paper detailing something called a cryptocurrency and how digital currencies could be created and given to one another without a central authority in the middle keeping track of every transaction. These technologies, bitcoin and blockchain, have changed the face of the web – and the world – forever.
This book is going to teach you all about blockchain and its potential to change the world. This technology, though new, is baffling experts and has people making bold, bold predictions about the future.
Because blockchain is changing the game.
Things that were previously convoluted bureaucratic messes now have the potential to be clear as day. Unscrupulous or downright dirty banking practices no longer have to be a concern.
Blockchain offers the people the power to control the destiny of whatever they want to do and removes the need for any other person or party in various different applications.
Within this book, Im going to tell you about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the massive impact of blockchain so far. After that, were going to go through various scenarios and uses for blockchain and the myriad ways that this technology is changing everything and could completely alter the paradigm for pretty much everything that we know in our society – should we let it.
By the end of this book, youre going to feel like you can tackle the topic of blockchain with ease as you go forward. You may invest in cryptocurrencies. or you may get to work on the next great application of the blockchain technology. You may join a blockchain or bitcoin community so that you can talk about this technology with other people who care about it. You may just go to sleep, satisfied with the fact that you know more about this technology thats taking society by storm.
But one thing is absolutely for certain: youre going to understand blockchain, everything that it symbolizes, and the million beautiful things that it could be.
FinTech: The Impact and Influence of Financial Technology on Banking and the Finance Industry
Did you know were in the middle of a revolution? No, not the post-election fervor. Were in the middle of the FinTech revolution, and its a big one. Everything that we know about the world of finance is changing before us. Innovation is constantly happening. This book is going to help you get up to speed on all of the change thats happened and the things that are important right now.
This book is going to teach you about several things, including:
The financial technology sector (FinTech) and its impact on traditional banking, on the global economy, and on the world at large.
Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, blockchain technology, and why the two matter. (Pro-tip: They do. A lot.)
Using robo-advisors to make sound investments.
Peer-to-peer lending and the art of getting a good loan with a low interest rate without going through a bank.
Crowdfunding projects to turn your idea into a beautiful reality.
The state of FinTech and where its headed.
There are quite a few books out there on the topic, but theres one very simple reason that you should choose this one: I dont treat you like a kid, but I dont treat you like youve got a masters degree either. By the end of this book, Ill have taught you a lot of the important jargon in the world of FinTech, and youll feel up-to-date and up-to-speed on everything there is to know about the current state of finance.

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