Bo Eason – Personal Story Power Pack
Bo Eason – Personal Story Power Pack: To Anyone Who Wants To Tap Into The POWER of Their Personal Life Story… Could YOUR true personal life story and deeply tapping into it really deepen your relationships, increase people’s respect for you, get people to LISTEN to you and create complete financial security for you?

Many people will read this letter, most will find a reason WHY they can’t tap into their personal true story and cash in on it. But a small handful will do something completely different…

This small handful will:
Discover how to tap into, embrace and exploit the ONE asset they have that NOBODY else on planet earth can leverage or take away from them… their TRUE personal story
Become more respected, trusted and believable in EVERY personal and business interaction
FINALLY… this small handful of “doers” will have the KNOWLEDGE and the TOOLS to immediately transform their lives and make EVERY dream come true… GUARANTEED!
They’ll do it all while having more fun than they ever imagined possible!
And the way they will do it, will be with an extremely Special Program I assembled, called the:
You will personally have direct access to the same proven step-by-step secrets I’ve personally used over the last 30+ years to become an NFL football player, to be coached by US Gold Medalist Carl Lewis, to be personally mentored by legendary Actor Al Pacino, for becoming a critically acclaimed playwright and becoming one of the highest paid professional speakers in the world…I say this simply to demonstrate that you don’t need a ‘fairy godmother’ to make your dreams come true… you just need a PROVEN & TESTED strategy for tapping into the most powerful asset YOU have…

Your Personal LIFE Story
Here’s what you’ll get:
6 audio CD’s recorded LIVE as I personally take you DEEP…. I take you by the hand through each simple step of identifying with, connecting with, expressing and communicating YOUR personal story.
In this limited production audio training set you’ll discover exactly how to blueprint & roadmap your way from “personal story” to “personal transformation”
As I said earlier… you don’t need a fairy godmother you just need the “dream formula/recipe” that I spoon-feed you in this professionally recorded event.

Name Product: Bo Eason – Personal Story Power Pack
Market price: $1997
Author: Bo Eason
Size: 1.7 GB



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