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Bob Heilig – Legacy Leadership Academy
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Everything you need to run a network marketing business you can be proud of, build a confident team & create a significant impact, begins here…

The Legacy Leadership Academy does not teach you how to spam better, manipulate your friends, or push your products like a Snuggies infomercial.
It’s about finding personal & financial freedom and never looking back at the corporate world again. It’s about helping you teach the next generation of leaders and putting value back into the system. It’s about being the victorious underdog. And it’s about choosing significance over “success”.

It’s not about the money.
It’s about what the money means.
Financial freedom.
Wanting the new Subaru, the country house, the Hawaii vacation, the promotion, or the big bonus check is normal.
There’s nothing wrong with that, at all. (Hey, we’re not anti-money over here, promise.)
But if buying more stuff is the only motivation driving you forward in your business, I can safely say from personal experience…

If you want to start and end your day with a renewed sense of energy, purpose, and passion — you need to tap into something much deeper and more meaningful.
Because it’s what you do with the money you make that could make a difference in the lives of others…
But, here’s where we get tripped up on our journey:
We chase freedom like our lives depend on it, because we’ve been trained to equate freedom with success.
I’m talking about achieving the trifecta of freedom…

Intentional Leadership is broken down into these 4 phases:
Modeling Phase
Action Phase
Accountability Phase
Momentum Phase

2. Social Media Training
Legacy Leadership teaches you these
2 critical things that separate those who make it and those who….well….don’t:
1. Leadership Development
Social Media
There’s a network marketing phenomenon I call The Accidental Leader. These guys are everywhere and they’re hard to miss. Heck, you may have even worked for one.
Someone agrees to sell your product, and BAM! You’re the boss.
…Now what?
The Accidental Leader has no clue. They stumbled into their role and now rely on the product to sell itself. Sometimes they get lucky and their “team” (i.e. group of people without direction), manages to sell well. But turnover is high. The good folks never stay because they know they deserve better.
The truth is, no product has EVER sold itself. There’s always a team of hard working ducks whose feet are paddling like crazy beneath the surface to make the business move forward. You just don’t see it.
Leadership is the missing ingredient in an accidental business. If you can apply leadership to an organization, no matter its size, amazing things will happen.
It all starts with shifting from Accidental to Intentional Leadership.
That’s when you win on purpose. You have a plan. You plot your path to grow as a leader, build the strength of your team, and move in the right direction.
I’m just gonna come out and say it…
Facebook is not a megaphone. The people who trained you to treat the platform as an infomercial are wrong. Following that old advice will cause more harm than good.
Heck, maybe you were this Network Marketer when starting out (no judgment—I’ve been there too!)…
Network Marketer: “Hi, want to be my friend?”
You: “Sure….you seem cool.”
Network Marketer: “BUY MY STUFF NOW!!!”
You: *Unfriend*
Network Marketer: “Hey, where’d you go? Come back!”
Hah! If only I were exaggerating.
Social media is changing every single day. And it’s important to have always-updated training that will teach you what’s working TODAY.
As a Legacy Leader, you’ll learn to embrace innovation and change. You’ll work smarter – not harder – and tame the beast of new technology that gets your message out to a bigger audience.
You’ll build a Personal Brand and you’ll always be relevant. We’ll guide you through every step so you get it right, and don’t “annoy” your network. (Not like that guy you blocked 4 paragraphs up. He makes us all look bad.)
We’ll teach you the difference between “Push” and “Pull” Marketing (and why most people get it wrong), how to use Facebook Groups and Business Pages to grow your team, and how to use platforms like Instagram, and LinkedIn even if you’ve never logged on.
You’ll learn how to use live video to build a massive following. (Whoa, I think I just heard your anxiety spike all the way from here. Don’t worry! It’s way less scary than you think. You may even like it.)
Once you learn to use Social Media the right way, you’ll start attracting ideal prospects like catnip, and you’ll impact people in ways you’ve never imagined.
In Legacy Leadership Academy, you’ll find easy-to-follow instructions for each phase. They’ll give you confidence, strategy, and systems to develop your next round of leaders with intent, so you create a winning culture.
Follow the steps, and you’ll find your freedom.

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