Name Product:  Bonnie Glendinning – Thriving Artist Summit Masters & Mentors Interviews
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Author: Bonnie Glendinning
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Take Your Art Career to New Levels this year!
Join our thousands of artists from over 90 countries and learn for yourself how to:
Make Your Creative Biz a Real Success
Build Your Brand for Your Ideal Buyers
Price for Real Profit and Growth
Increase Your Sales with Marketing, PR, and Social Media
Diversify into Licensing, Wholesale, and Direct-to-Consumer
Get into Galleries, Shows, and Raise Project Funds
Develop Your Creative Practice

What you will get: Your purchase will get you instant access to all (51 in total) exclusive interviews. Plus, you will get the Art Biz Jumpstart System (all 6 modules) valued at $498:
Module 1 ($59 value) — “How To Go Part or Full Time As An Artist” (includes video + PDF worksheet)
Module 2 ($59 Value) — “How To Get Started Without Resources” (includes video + PDF worksheet)
Module 3 ($59 Value) — “How To Network and Get Clients” (includes video + PDF worksheet)
Module 4 ($147 Value) — “Branding, Marketing, and PR for Artists” (90-minute audio workshop)
Module 5 ($97 Value) — “Periscope for Your Art Biz Success” (includes video + PDF worksheets)
Module 6 ($97 Value) — “Design Your Abundant Life” (special workshop on abundance)
Full price for individual interviews is $30-60 each. By purchasing this low priced bundle now, you’ll save over $1,650 and countless hours of research for this extensive and illuminating knowledge. Over the past two years I have done all the work for you and now it’s all here in one place for you!