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Name Product: Brennan Dunn – Double Your Freelancing Rate
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Instructor:  Brennan Dunn
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Here’s something to ask yourself…
“Why do some freelancers charge thousands a week, and others $30 an hour?”
The most successful freelance consultants out there have 3 qualities in common:
They charge more than what their competitors charge
They close a higher percentage of leads than their competitors close
They have more creative freedom, and they aren’t micromanaged by their clients
You’re probably thinking it’s because they’re well known. They’ve worked with the biggest brands, speak at all the right conferences, and have an incredible portfolio.
You’d think that someone who charges 10x what you do is 10x better than you — right?
Not so fast.
What’s different is that they know how to sell.
I don’t mean that they’re flashy, alpha-types who know how to wine and dine their clients into submission.
Instead, I mean that they’re acutely aware of what their clients want, what (and why) their clients value their projects, and they know how to put together a pitch that their clients can’t resist.
Their clients actually want them to charge them more. And it’s because they give their clients a better product and better results.
“HA! I told you. They’re 10x better than me, that’s why they can do that!”
That’s probably what you’re thinking now, right? I used to think that too.
What took me 3 years and $1,000,000+ in lost revenue to figure out:
Most freelancers don’t have any formal sales training.
If you’re like me, you studied how to be amazing at a craft — you learned how to be a great designer, coder, writer, marketer, or photographer.
But when you decided to go out on your own and work with clients, it hit you like a ton of bricks that success requires more than just mastering a craft.

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