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I know many of you have been
working your butts off in the online marketing industry
(some of you for quite some time)
only to work 8, 10, sometimes 14 hour days…
and to be honest…

that’s NOT what we signed up for!
After all… we’re internet marketers right?
We are the “ANTI” 9 to 5 crowd!

What the hell are we doing slaving like this for?

And that was the exact question I asked myself over 10 years ago
when I started my lifelong pursuit for TRULY passive income.

It dawned on me (lets say early 20’s) that time was moving faster and faster
and I only got one shot at this thing…
I realized that I needed to get busy living!!!
That, unfortunately, required time… of which I had very little
(working at a used cell phone store at the time).
It also required a little thing called income.

These two forces however (time & income) never seemed to play nice.
… and I knew that when I was getting one, the other was getting away.
So I set out to build a better business model. Trying everything from sales, to building a business… even door knocking in the middle of scorching hot Phoenix summers – 122 degrees easy – & asking the (rarely) friendly homeowners if they needed their car serviced.
…and wouldn’t ya know it…
The door knocking worked!
I was making more money than I had ever before, and was working less.
It was a damn miracle.
Until I tried to grow and hire a team to door the door knocking for me.

Here’s a fun question: Have you ever tried to run a team of door knocking, street level hustlers with no supervision?
… yeah it was a bit like trying to herd cats. It didn’t work.

Theft, No-shows, drug addicts and worse… It was BAD.
In fact, I was actually making less, and got to a pretty low place.
My girlfriend dumped me, I gained 30 pounds, was 3 months behind in rent, and just plain couldn’t get myself to TAKE ACTION.
* side note here – that’s such a crappy feeling. You know, the one where you know you should be doing something, but just can’t motivate YOURSELF…

But I digress…
Anyhow, it wasn’t until I had less than $40 to my name that I realized I was going to literally STARVE if I didn’t do something.

Like, literally starve!
So I fired the team, and started door knocking again.
It was about that time, that a friend of mine, who worked at an oil shop and knew what a hot mess I was at the time, asked his boss if he would consider paying me a fee if I sent business to him.
His boss, Larry (great guy) agreed to pay me $50 for each deal (he called them leads) and offered to have his guys shoot out to the customers house rather than have them come in. GENIUS!
So, feeling a bit renewed I went out and knocked until my knuckles bled.
Sometimes from 8am – 10pm.

When it hit me…
I had completely lost sight of my goal.
I wasn’t even CLOSE to earning passive income.
I was working MORE than ever.

Ao once again, I went back to the board and did some very real brainstorming… and had an idea (eureka)!
This, being about 2002, and me – owning a computer – got the bright idea to start posting a few classified ads for car repair, rather than hitting the streets.
I thought “well… it’s worth a shot”… and within minutes of hitting the “publish” button on Craigslist, I had not one, but two deals.
I was friggin astonished!
I had just earned $100 bucks in 2 minutes.
If I was going door to door, that would’ve taken me an hour… probably more!
… and that changed EVERYTHING.
I realized that if I leveraged the power of marketing online, I could grow my income in multiples, but more importantly…

And from that point in 2002 forward, I began to absolutely devour every last scrap of knowledge I could find about marketing online.
(and trust me, there wasn’t a fraction of the junk that’s out there today).
Fast forward to 2008, and I’m dominating SO MUCH virtual spacein that vertical, and generating so many leads for my partners, that I catch the attention of a national franchise in the auto repair industry with whomI was lucky enough to hook up a deal… selling leads directly to their franchisees.
See, we’ve had a long standing agreement to charge “per qualified lead.”

also called PAY-PER-LEAD.
Meaning that every time a phone call or email is generated from one of our websites, we get paid.
…and as it stand now, we’re pushing over 6800 leads their direction every month (and growing)… all while never lifting a finger.
Do the math… it works out nicely 😉
That said, I know that entire story has very little to do with YOU and you’re most likely wondering why you should care…

And in truth, you shouldn’t.
What you should care about is what you can learn from my experience.
Which is exactly why I put this 6 week intensive Pay-Per-Lead training course together for you.
Think of it like the single best set of cliff notes that’s ever been compiled.
12 years of mistakes and successes – trial and error – all in one spot for you to learn the single greatest business model online.

Join me for the next 6 weeks as I hold your hand and walk you through the
that will have you earning Passive Income (near to) immediately
and for a lifetime to come.

With the recent FLOOD of Client SEO’s into the market,
SEO has become a mundane commodity.
In which, costs have been beaten down by “less than qualified” SEOs
offering their services at a discount.
Isn’t time we change course and find a smarter way to build the Client SEO mousetrap?
What’s more, if you currently have SEO Clients, you’re in one the BEST positions to move IMMEDIATELY into a PPL business model.
In fact – and as some of you may know – I also run a successful Client SEO business
(built really out of demand), and as of late I’ve been either liquidating my client base or transitioning them into a PPL business model.

If you’re a beginner, you’re in luck because you’ve just found
the leading pay-per-lead course online, and what’s more,
once you’re on the inside you’ll be able to follow right along as the course is
truly a paint-by-numbers course.

Have some chops in the game? Awesome.
Try applying those ninja skills to the damn easiest
business model and see what happens.


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