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Name Product: Bruce – Local Admaster Offline System
COST:  $15.65
Author: Bruce
Size: 8.42 MB

While you try to randomly cold call local businesses, fear in your voice, sweat on your brow, a few smart Offline Local marketers are skipping those hassles for good…they’re getting serious motivated client leads, appointments and sign-ups. It’s time you knew their secret too…
Here’s what this is all about:
My friend Jim, after a 9 year career in graphic design was suddenly laid off.
He considered trying to get design work from businesses in his town, but the thought of approaching them gave him cold sweats.
He was accustomed to being hidden in the back of a design studio slaving away in private. Calling potential clients was definitely not his thing.
At first I didn’t know how bad it got for him, but when I realized,I wanted to help…hell, I had helped others I didn’t even know as well.

The Denny’s Meetup…
We met at a local Denny’s restaurant and I laid out the simplest way for him to get clients and offered to sort of ‘coach’ him if he hit any roadblocks.
He was motivated and took action…and yes, I admit, there were some bumps along the way. He lost a deal that I probably would have landed. He underpriced at least one site, and he had to redo one.
But, in less than 2 weeks he had made $3,150.
So, I helped Jim, but he also helped me. I realized if I could put this whole system together I could help others the same way.
It actually includes way more than what I gave Jim. Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…

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