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I’m Carlos Xuma, and I’ve been teaching men how to be more attractive to women for over 10 years. You probably know me from my other dating advice programs, seen me on television, or heard me on the radio.
Let me ask you something:
Do you ever feel like there’s an endless amount of information on the subject of how to pickup women?
Do you ever wish you had a program that showed you how ALL of these techniques and strategies ties together?

Hang on, because I’m about to show you something that will finally give you the answers you’ve been searching for. I just created what I consider to be the ultimate guide on how to attract women.
Many years back, I was caught up in a desperate cycle in my life. I wanted to know how to get beautiful women into my life, but I had no idea how to do it. They seemed so strange and hard to understand.
Then, after getting so sick and tired of being single and alone (when you reach rock bottom, the only way to go is up), I made it my mission to figure out how to get the women I wanted.
But I also learned something else: I didn’t just want the women – I wanted the LIFESTYLE that the men who are successful in life enjoy.
After I figured out the women part of the equation, I found that the same things that made me more interesting and successful with women are the same core skills that make men more successful with:
Their friendships and social networks…
Their careers…
Their finances and wealth…
Their family life…
Their hobbies and passions…

In fact, the more I focused on what I started to call the “Alpha Lifestyle™” skills, the more women seemed to be attracted to me. They were drawn to this “inner fire” I had started inside myself, and it was hypnotic in power.
I even found that there were a lot of great side effects of developing these skills, like:
I lost the “neediness” for women that I’d had most of my life.
I found that my peers respected me and admired me like never before.
I doubled my income every year for 5 years running, and started an investment plan that gave me financial security.
I felt MASSIVELY confident in situations that I could never have imagined before, such as speaking before groups, becoming a Vice-president in a Fortune 500 company, starting my own business, among others.
I accomplished 9 out of the 10 long-term goals for my life I had set for myself, including my black belt in a martial art, learning a new language, getting the cool car I always wanted, and so much more.
I had as many as four women at a time that I was actively dating…

Now, before you think I’m going off on some wild spiritual trip, or I’m going to get all new-agey on you, I want you to realize that this was all done by simply starting myself on a path, with no idea which way to go. At first, I just winged it.
When I got to certain goals, I stopped, made a note in my journal, and went on to the next one.
I wanted more than just pickup artist skills – I wanted LIFE skills…
Along the way, I encountered some incredible mentors and fantastic wisdom that helped guide me much faster to the next goal…
And the next goal…
And the next.
Now, it took me a long time to get where I am today, but I kept track of the roadmap I used so that you can get there MUCH faster.

How to Integrate Pickup with your lifestyle
REAL GAME overview
How to evaluate your time and energy used for top results
Choosing between self-delusion and self-awareness
How to be yourself – and still attract women
The true message behind the “Secret” law of attraction
The most important thing you can do in every conversation with a woman
The GCC technique for eliciting rapport and attraction with a woman
The secret intent that will double your success with women
What the “pickup artist” frame is lacking
The “ultimate enemy” of your game – what it is and how to get rid of it
The source-sink theory of conversation – and how women view men
How to energize a conversation to amp it up
What your conversation must be built around or you will not get attraction “lift-off”
What being “you” really means…
The reason that most pickup techniques do not work for you
The illusion of time and the reality of NOW thinking
Why most attempts to change do not work
What the “pickup fallout” is – and why you can’t use the same techniques anymore
What true confidence is to a woman – and how she sees it in you
And more… See the complete contents of DISC #1

Essential qualities of a modern confident man
The 5 essential stages of a man’s identity
The reality of modern relationships
The one benefit of a relationship for a woman
The effect of emotional “chasing”
The 5 status indicators that women use to evaluate you
What wealth really symbolizes to a woman – and why you don’t need it!
The 6 REAL Attraction traits that women are watching for
The power of the “meme” in pickup and attracting women and why women are looking for it
The ultimate power of the Alpha Man in his “tribe” – and how to demonstrate it
The essential skills of conversational control
Empathy and intelligence are what your brain evolved to do, but THIS is the one thing we all look for in every conversation
The 3 most important Alpha Mastery elements
The best substitute for motivation
The 4 Stages of Growth and Excellence that every Alpha man must seek
The fastest path to through your approach anxiety, and to develop any skill ten times faster
The 3 Zones of Self-Mastery and how they work together to create your success
The 5 critical distinctions you must understand to develop confidence
Why you cannot “fake it til you make it” with women
The Show-off or Turn-off principle
And more… See the complete contents of DISC #2

Why there is no outer game without inner game
Establish your personal value – an exercise to determine your personal sense of self
The belief at the center of your inner game
Determine the “currency” of relationships and get what you want from them
The Lamborghini concept of marketplace rarity
Determine your big inner game obstacle that holds you back, with examples
The emotion that’s destroying your success- and how to destroy it
Your automatic “Fast-forward” reaction that creates destructive reactions
Understanding your “Universal Path” – and finding it…
The most important skill of an Alpha Man’s Inner Game – how to develop it with examples
The “permission” that you are giving away too much
How you create your self-image and self-esteem – the 2 elements
Inner Dialogue Exercise – how to manage your thinking and interpretation to get the results you want
How your anxiety starts – and how to short-circuit the fear
How to break down and destroy your fear of approaching women
The 3 Essential Alpha Questions that define your life
How to use the 3 Essential Questions to re-frame any experience
How to use of Occam’s Razor in getting rid of perceived “failures”
Use the Tiger’s Mouth to command respect from everyone in your life
Carlos’ 3 Rules of Respect with women
And more… See the complete contents of DISC #3

The principles and application of Alpha Power in every man’s life
The 3 Sources of all power in your life
The 3 Forms of Power you can use
The essential skill that allows you to avoid the hypnotic influence of power
Carlos’ 4 Alpha Power Principles – the rules of Alpha power
How guys fall into the trap of “knowledge” without skills
The most universal form of power to develop – the foundation of your lifestyle
Why it’s absolutely necessary for you to cultivate Alpha Power
The 4 places to channel your emotional energy into power
Carlos’ 10 Core Success Skills
The Hero Story – Define whether you want to lead or be led
How you have ruined your motivation to approach – and how to fix it
The “Buzzkill” – 6 things you do to kill your confidence when going out to meet women
What you must never do to yourself when you’re out learning how to pickup women
6 of Carlos’ secret techniques for bringing up your confidence and energy
How to create affirmations and visualizations that really work
How to keep your attitude and confidence up every day
What holds back a guy’s growth – THE most painful emotion of all – and it’s not fear…
The true cause of “approach anxiety” – and it’s not what you think!
The hidden solution to ALL fears of approaching women
And more… See the complete contents of DISC #4

How attraction, your vibe, and interest work like a car’s engine
Why the best technique with women is NOT technique, it’s…
How attraction and qualification work together…
How women qualify men – and why they MUST
How the approach experience differs for men and women
What you show her by approaching
The vital element of approach that most men do not use that gives you ultimate control
How to avoid giving your Alpha Power away when you talk with women
How women read you and your hidden intent
Why men evaluate women visually
What physical indicators men are looking for
What “reverse” qualification is, and how it kills your self-esteem
The best venue strategy to keep your attitude safe and healthy
The one thing men think a woman needs to know, but doesn’t
The things that men do to start women screening them out
The STF Model for understanding the three levels of communication
Where true social power is developed
How to dramatically improve your ability to understand and attract others
Understanding what a woman is really thinking under the surface when she just wants to be friends, or when you ask her out…
How to stay “in the running” with a woman for as long as necessary
And more… See the complete contents of DISC #5

The 3 Parts of Effective Rapport
How women interpret your social skills and what they mean to her
What women want to feel about your conversation to “click” with you
The 4 qualities of Synchronicity
4 POWERFUL Connection and Comfort Tools
Carlos’ 9 DEEP CONNECTION strategies for melting any woman
What every conversation with a woman has that builds rapport
How to use the “Emotional Weather Report” to change a woman’s state
10 of Carlos’ Essential Techniques for Establishing Unbreakable rapport
The 15 Minute technique for developing your rapport skills with anyone
The 2 BIG Relationship mistakes that most guys make – and how to avoid them
The 2 needs men and women have in a relationship
The 3 Essential emotional skills you need for any relationship
The 6 principle skills for handling and winning every argument you have
Carlos’ 4 Arts to keeping a relationship going and staying on top
The 3 DON’TS of Relationship Management
The exercise you MUST do to determine the best woman for you
How much time management is OVERKILL – and what you really need
The 3 Universal tools for organization and time management
The 7 Basic principles of money management
And more… See the complete contents of DISC #6

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