Name Product: CBTube SEO Hunter
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The most sophisticated and bullet proof
Video SEO method ever revealed!

Dear internet marketer, let me assure you:
I’ve got more for you between the covers of this book than you may find in the most of hyped up clones of SEO courses in general.

I can’t stand those quickly-cooked copy-pasted products some people just throw out, without personal experience of trying the described method and by putting it into market place in a rush to make a few bucks.
I’m an old school in sticking to my rule, which all my customers already know me for: to always provide unique, information-packed actionable system, which both seasoned marketer and a novice can implement.
This is NOT a course that makes you just feel good and then put it aside, but it PUSHES you to action to achieve REAL results, with its unbeatable ranking strategy.
Honestly, I am absolutely confident that after having this manual you won’t need any more video SEO courses, unless Google and YouTube entirely change their functionality and structure.
I have noticed, there are MANY PRODUCTS on Warrior Forum that offer methods to achieve Quick Rankings for your videos, and most of them achieve it on YouTube only (not on Google as well).But the main point is NOT to RANK FAST page#1, the point is to REMAIN #1 all the time!!! This is the main deal breaker!
Most of these courses CAN NOT ensure you to STAY #1 forever. YouTube algorithm often ALLOWS your NEW videos with relevant keywords to rank Page #1,….BUT….in few days you go and see and they ARE NOT THERE any more! Reason?
There are two reasons: 1) Because other competitors created new videos in this niche and YouTube bumped them up, just like it bumped up your videos when you uploaded them, and 2) Because your video DOES NOT have STRONG external backlink anchors, which ensure Google and YouTube (you know that Google has acquired YouTube!) to give it a link trust and stick to #1 positions permanently.
That’s the DEAL BREAKER, BABY! That’s why you can see all those YouTube WSO products sell for quick small bucks, to gather subscribers. But they can not guarantee your videos to STAY #1 PERMANENTLY for COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS! That’s what CBTUBE SEO HUNTER’s power is about!