Chad Kimball – Reputation Hacks

3 Different methods to completely remove negative links from google’s first page by manipulating this “Reputation Algorithm Factor”
How to quickly get clients who need this service. You can charge $500, $1000 and even more, PER KEYWORD PHRASE for this. People are desperate to get this negative stuff removed and you will have a guaranteed solution for them.
Links to the tools you will need, as well as full walkthrough for how to use them (After you see me do it live, you’ll see how simple it is.)
4 Other reputation management techniques you probably haven’t heard of before.
Trying to get rid of certain mentions of your company? How to trick google into removing them as “duplicate content.”
An online gaming technique that we converted for reputation management. It annihilates bad links, almost like a video game.
How to use youtube for reputation management.

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