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40+ World-Changing Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets To Write, Market, & Publish Your First Book — AND Use It To Get To Build A Business

Congratulations on joining the Self-Publishing Success Summit!
By the time you finish watching the first presentation, you’ll get over a decade’s worth of winning strategies, insights, mistakes, and experience.
Then, over the next few days, you’ll discover the exact blueprints and success shortcuts that skyrocketed 40+ respected authors and entrepreneurs to the top.
They’ll compress decades of their best ideas and strategies into hours.
You’ll learn how to write, publish, and market your book.
They’ll show you the best ways to turn your book into a business — so you can become a recognized expert, get prospects to come to you, and get your nights and weekends back.
And if you’re motivated and you can clear out your schedule, you can stream each Success Summit session with my compliments for just 72 hours after they air.
That way, anybody who wants to see them once can – IF they watch them right away.

“What if I can’t make all the sessions — or don’t want to wait?”
If you want to watch your favorite speakers right now, instead of waiting…
And if you want to watch later or rewatch sessions (like I’ll be doing), there’s only one way to get instant access to the entire Self-Publishing School Success Summit anytime.
It’s called the Self-Publishing Success Summit All-Access Pass, and it lets you attend the entire summit right now without ever waiting or setting foot in a convention hall.
You can learn on your schedule because you’ll have access for life.
And you don’t need to pay $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 admission prices most summits charge for their videos.
There’s no plane ticket, hotel room, or overpriced meals.
And with the All-Access Priority Pass, you don’t even need to sacrifice your social life to cram all the sessions into a few days.

Watch the Success Summit at your convenience
You don’t have to wait for your favorite speaker’s presentation to go live.
And you don’t have to run to your computer to catch a presentation before it’s locked away in the vault (3 days after it’s posted).
Because with the All-Access Priority Pass, you can rewatch the entire event anytime you want.
You’ll see everything first and miss nothing, and you decide when and what to watch.
You’ll discover powerful strategies that advanced students have paid thousands to learn and implement 1-on-1.
And you’ll get an exclusive invitation to a private Q&A session with me.
Nobody else will be able to attend — this is exclusively for All-Access Priority Pass members.
And to make it even easier for you to succeed, I’ve created a private network of driven authors and entrepreneurs you can connect with. You’ll help each other stay motivated, share strategies and advice, get group coaching from successful authors, and accelerate your progress.

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