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Module 1: Hollywood Heist
Go for the big sales by unlocking the 1 thing your audience wants to spend money on above all else with the “C4 System.”
Find the perfect buyer with a simple 15 minute exercise that will unlock your prospects hidden fears and desires so you can craft messages to sell to their inner desires while bypassing their normal defenses.
Only market to people who are ready to buy by learning about the 3 types of leads you can market to and why 2 of them will leave your business flat broke.
Reduce sales resistance by creating an attractive character who says the things your audience wants to say but can’t.
Bond with your prospects faster by unlocking their dominant emotion so your prospects can say yes to your offers.
How to craft the perfect backstory to resonate and bond with your target audience so they feel they have known you forever.
Stop wasting money on the wrong avatar so you can narrow down your targets to only the best buyers. Plus, how to get started with this even if you have not made any sales in that niche before.
Create a market domination plan that will be your step-by-step road map so you don’t end up confused and wondering what to do next.
At the end of week 1 you are going to have crystal clear vision of who you are marketing to, what they want, and how to craft a message that makes them want to buy from you.

Module 2: Sherlock Method
Working smarter not harder is the key to success. In week 2 we are going to work together to set up the foundations for the 4X System. It’s getting these foundations in place that allow the entire system to work.
Make your offer landing pages irresistible using the “Sherlock Method” so you can get more leads from the same amount of traffic.
How to set up your landing pages and thank you page pixels so you can 4x every single click.
Craft the perfect lead magnet and attract only the best leads into your funnel using the “P3 Method” so you can spend time and resources on buyers and not on tire kickers.
How to look beyond what you are selling and tap into the core desires of your target buyers so your product or service resonates on a deeper level.
Skip the DIY pain and mistakes of creating a buyer profile with the “JMK System” to absolutely guarantee you are targeting the highest value prospects.
Discover what’s the best sales model for your personal lifestyle so you can create a business that gives you the freedom you desire.
At the end of week 2 you’ll have your landing pages, lead magnets, thank you pages, and pixels in place to start driving traffic.

Module 3: Profit Accelerators – Part 1
Learn how to use FB to build your list, retarget lost leads, and to turn you into a market leader by using desktop newsfeed traffic.
Create positive ROI faster by leveraging FB traffic to jumpstart your success so you can work on your market domination plan.
Let FaceBook do the hard work for you by letting them optimize your campaigns so you can spend your time on more important things.
Go behind the scenes of my own campaigns and I’ll show you the ads, landing pages, and emails I use to sell more with less resistance.
Get better results from a small budget by setting up your ad in such a way that Facebook has to do the optimizing so you don’t end up spending money you don’t have or getting poor quality leads.
Create high converting ads and landing pages so you can make sure that you get consistent results every time using my proven templates…and you never have to guess what to write next.
Spend less per click than your competitors using this FB ad type that most people overlook so you can get all the traffic you’ll ever need.
How to get FaceBook to give you beta access to all the coolest new features first using the secret profile setup that very few people even know about.
At the end of week 3 you’ll start building your authority and list with desktop traffic.

Module 4: Profit Accelerators – Part 2
Mobile traffic can easily flood your site with 10,000 clicks overnight. But for most people it will not convert because of 3 issues.
Drive mobile traffic for cheap leads so you can build an email list fast while showing your offers on desktops for higher sales conversions.
Stop worrying about the wrong mobile device when you learn how to segment devices so your ads are only shown to the highest converting segment.
How to setup ad tracking for mobile devices so you can segment your offers based on which device they are using.
Build a SMS text message list with mobile traffic for 91% view rates for your message.
At the end of week 4 you’ll be converting mobile traffic into leads and building a mobile based retargeting list for your SMS list.

Module 5: Honey Catcher System
How to create high converting desktop, right hand, and mobile ads with a simple formula that has been proven to work.
Create ads that make a big impact in the marketplace so you can command more attention using mass persuasion to amp up everything you say.
How to craft ads that cut through the noise and clutter of the marketplace so you can build your audience in a shorter amount of time.
Grab your market’s attention so you can eliminate the competition and provide real value to prospects so you can sell at higher prices and with less resistance.
Learn where to go to find FREE high converting images that stand out in your prospect’s newsfeed.
Use my 7 step ad system to creating dark post ads that allow you more real estate than normal newsfeed ads.
After week 5 you’ll know how to create higher converting ads that stand out in the marketplace getting you cheaper clicks.

Module 6: DON Formula
Social media is about trust and no amount of slick sales copy or images will help you build a long term business if you don’t apply trust factors.
Have your audience wanting more by maximizing your strengths and creating the right mix of messages and image.
Learn why it is not about the best product anymore but about who has the best marketing.
Charge higher prices because of your celebrity status and learn why selling lower price products can hurt your image.
Obliterate the price objections for your product or service using the simple “DON Formula” so your products or services don’t become everyday commodities.
Generate multiple streams of income as a niche celebrity through promoting other people’s products.
Own the marketplace with the celebrity makeover method to go from someone begging for attention to someone dominating your space.
How to tailor your message to your market that best suits your niche’s core desires.
Why creating trust has to be your top priority before you ever make your first sale and why most people struggle to get anybody to buy from them.
Have a shorter sales cycle by speeding up the trust factor so you will make the biggest impact on your buyer while skyrocketing your ROI.
Focus on what matters the most by learning what the 2 biggest assets in business are so you can spend your time on what matters most to your buyers.
At the end of week 6 you will know how to create rapid trust with your leads to help them convert into sales faster.

Bonus 1: 10 FB Landing Pages
Building your own list is a great way to create profits on demand…but if you don’t have proven high converting landing pages ready to grab, it can be a disaster. That’s why I’m showing you my 10 best landing pages.

Bonus 2: 100 Best Headlines
These aren’t your lame internet marketing headlines that you are used to seeing. Instead, they were created when you had to pay to send snail mail and every word had to count. Now you can put these proven money making headlines to work for you.

Bonus 3: Buyer Profile System
Just skip the trial and error and use our proven BPS system to create a buyer profile and avatar from scratch in any niche. Follow our directions and fill in the blanks and you are ready to go.

Bonus 4: 3X Mustang Formula
Learn how to name your products using the “3X Mustang Formula” so your prospects will crawl over broken glass to download and consume them.

Bonus 5: Weekly Traffic Calls
Each week connect with me live and get your traffic questions answered…no more second guessing yourself about what to do next.
Fast Action Bonus Limited To The First 10 Buyers
Platinum Coaching Strategy Call
We will schedule a call together when we will create a game plan based on your personal strengths. Having your game plan in place and knowing your outcome will 10X your results while we are working together.

Break down your dream business to find out what’s holding you back.
Map out your sales funnels giving you a plan of attack to higher profits.
Lay out your lead generation process so you can scale it up when you are ready.
Help you develop your backend selling strategy.
Help you create an exit plan for when you are ready to sell the business.

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