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Generate 1k MMO Niche Leads A Day From Scratch
Spending As Low As 1 Cent Per Website Visitor
Hi, Jason Parker here.
It may be hard to believe that you can go from ZERO to putting 1000 new leads on your list in a single day with dirt cheap traffic.
Then repeating the same thing the next day.
And the next.

And the next.
So Give Me A Second To Prove To You,
Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt, That This Works
You see, I have a friend named Charles Kirkland who has been online since 1997.
He’s been a top 100 ClickBank affiliate (out of 100,000+ affiliates).
He’s the founder and owner of the Media Buyer Association.
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He Took A Fresh New Auto-Responder Account
And Put 1000+ Leads Into It In 24 Hours

(It only cost him as low as .1 cent per website visitor.)
And he recorded the whole process on video to share with you.
As you’ll discover, he didn’t skip a single step.

Plus he shows you the results along the way.
It’s All Inside This New Online Video Training
Called “1k Leads A Day From Scratch”ORDER #71151_Dvd ECover2_Final

Downloadable Video Training
Sure there are others out there who can show you how to put 1,000 leads onto your list in one day by doing a product launch.
Or by spending an arm and a leg on traffic.

Or by getting lucky and having something go viral.
There Is, However, No One Else That I Know Of
Who Can Show You How To Do It EVERY DAY

Yes, generate over 1000 leads every day.
Yes, do it CONSISTENTLY day-after-day
And yes, do it for dirt cheap.
Let Me Explain Why We’re Doing This:

I knew that many of my customers have been struggling with lead flow.
I’m pretty good at generating leads and I can show you some valuable things.

BUT–Charles is doing it at a whole different level as you have seen.
So I Went To Charles And Asked Him
To Record This Video Training For You

I called him up and told him I wanted to show my customers how to do what he does.
I told him I wanted to document EVERYTHING.
I told him I wanted to take a fresh new auto-responder account and show my customers how to go from scratch to 1,000 leads in a single day.
I Told Him I Wanted To Record
Every Single Little Step In The Process
To leave nothing out.
No stone left unturned.

And he casually told me yes… as if it were no big deal to generate 1000 leads a day and document EVERYTHING on video for you.
“You’ll Generate At Least 500 Leads A Day
Or Money Back”
Now, I understand that it might be hard for you to believe that YOU can generate 1,000 leads a day and do it as cheaply as Charles does.
So let’s cut that number in half.
I guarantee with money on the line that you’ll generate at least 500 leads a day.
If that doesn’t happen as easily and painlessly as I’ve described, then just shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and I’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund.

How Many Leads Per Day
Can You Generate With This?
I’ve personally seen Charles, in the past, generate up to 6,000 leads in 48 hours like it was nothing.
I mean, you don’t get to be a top 100 ClickBank affiliate out of 100,000+ affiliates without being able to bring in steady lead flow day after day after day.
That said, I believe you can use this to generate 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, or even more leads per day.
And, As You’ll See, It Has Nothing
To Do With Having A Big Name
You may think that sure Charles can do this because he’s Charles, but that’s only half true.
Charles can do this because he has a very simple system for putting lots of dirt cheap leads on his list day-by-day.
It has nothing to do with having a big name.
Charles isn’t Tony Robbins. He’s not Frank Kern. Charles is just Charles.
He’s just a good old boy who lives outside of Charleston, South Carolina who takes his family to church on Sundays.
And he slaughters the “big name” gurus in affiliate contests without being a big name himself.

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