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Name Product: Charlie Craine – Web Scraping with Python, Ruby & import. io for fun & profit   
Market price: $120
Instructor:        Charlie Craine    
File Size: 1.1  GB
Home:  https://www.udemy.com/certified-web-application-tester

Learn exactly how to scrape web data from many popular websites even if you have very little experience as a programmer!
You’ll be web scraping in less than an hour!!
This course teaches you three ways to scrape websites:
Import. io is a software that you download and is a really quick way to start web scraping quickly. It is not without its limitations but depending on what you need or plan to do it could do everything you need. No programming experience necessary!
If you prefer to learn a little programming along the way, and aren’t afraid to invest a little time, you can learn how to do web scraping with Ruby and/or Python. Both have their pluses and minuses but both can do just about anything you could imagine.
Even if you have never used Python or Ruby you can learn how to still use these programs as a web scraper. But if you are willing to learn you can scrape just about any website there is online!

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