Veteran-marketer, entrepreneur and software maverick. AMISH SHAH abandons traditional marketing methods and reveals:
“How everyday people are funding their dreams, without owing a cent to credit cards, banks, family or… ANYONE!”
If you want to turn your big idea into a real business that can make your dreams come true…
…then this timely letter will be the best thing you’ve read all year.

It details how:
…You no longer have to be a Kennedy, Gates, or Rockefeller to be able to ignite your passions and raise money for ANY reason–even personal ones…
…What’s more, you don’t need to be an artist, musician or inventor to come up with a bushel of money($5,000-250,000) of other people’s moneyvery fast.
Turn Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality…PLUS…
Abandon tired marketing strategies that were all used by the “make money” gurus–and grab more cash with far LESS hassle!
Stop searching for investors–you won’t need any private backing or even need to have a startup business or fancy invention to get moving quick…
Disrupt the “good old boys” financial system of the rich funding the rich…and turn the tables in your favor for any idea–no matter how off-the-wall…
Reject the banks with their cut-throat loan practices and suicidal interest rate scams

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Author: Amish Shah
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