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Name Product: Cyber Trading University – Advanced Stock Trading Strategies
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Cyber Trading University – Advanced Stock Trading Strategies
Trading is a tough business in which market players often try to deceive other participants in order to make a profit.
The good news is that if you know how to spot and avoid these tricks and use them to your advantage you can earn a substantial living, while pulling a few tricks of your own.
In this Advanced Course, youll gain invaluable insight on these matters, and learn about the influence market makers exert on price movements.
Implementing this information into your trading will greatly enhance your chance for success.
Learn how to:
* Use Trading Techniques
* Find Market Makers hide behind ECNs & Instinet
* Discover Market maker traps
* Use Live examples of Market Maker Traps
* Find Tradable and Non Tradable stocks
* Identify the Dominant Market Maker
* Interpret the Dominant Market Maker\’s Intentions
* Research the historical activity of the Dominant MM
* Use Entry points
* Utilize Exit Strategies
* Read Advanced Charting Strategies

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