Name Product: Dan Kennedy – The Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit
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Author: Dan Kennedy
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“Discover Dan Kennedy’s Uncommon System For Writing Compelling Emails That Get Opened, Get Read And Build Long-Lasting Relationships With Customers, Clients And Patients—Resulting In More Money In Your Pocket.”
Get The ONLY Comprehensive System and Set of Tools Crafted by GKIC’s Experts From the Ground Up to Transform Email From A Haphazard “Shoot-from-the-Hip” Guessing Game Into A Scientific Marketing Machine That Delivers Predictable, Powerful Results for Your Business Over and Over Again.

Dear Renegade Marketer:
I’m going to show you how to create an automated engine that can help you grow your business without buying more traffic, adding more people to your list, and working 60-80 hours per week.
This is the “secret sauce” behind the GKIC marketing engine, and we’re revealing it today…all new for 2015…so you can effortlessly “move” it into your brick and mortar or online business.
So whether you’re a lawyer, dentist, doctor, chiropractor, butcher, flower shop, or online retailer, this will be your key to inexpensively keeping in touch with your prospects and building relationships with your customers, clients or patients so they’ll trust you and BUY from you.
This is the first time we have ever revealed the email marketing machine that drives our million-dollar product launches.
And I’ve been personally “hush-hush” about email marketing and reserve a bulk of my advice on this topic for my $19,000 per day consulting clients…
…until NOW.

So I Urge You To Lock The Door, Turn Off Your Cellphone, Kick Off Your Shoes And Read Every Single Word Of This Letter…It’s THAT Important:
You see, most business owners mess up their email marketing campaigns. They think that ANY communication is better than NO communication at all.
Either that, or they practice a “churn and burn” style of sending emails where they bombard their subscribers, customers, clients or patients…leading to a fatigued list that no longer trusts them…or BUYS from them.
Sorry to say, but this is just for amateurs and less-than-sophisticated marketers who are mentally stuck in 2003 with their email marketing campaigns.
Sure you can make some money. But if you want to run a business like GKIC for 12 years and exist in the marketing space for over 40 years as I have…you need a more robust strategy for writing compelling emails that get opened, read and acted upon that doesn’t lead to a “diseased herd.”
Otherwise, you’ll constantly have to replace your dead and dried up subscriber base…plus you’ll potentially burn your rep into the ground.
You see, there is a more sophisticated method for creating email campaigns that doesn’t require you to be a top-gun copywriter, master marketer, or have over 40 years of experience like me to create.
Yet you’re probably currently writing emails with no rhyme or reason…or without using a solid foundation so you can simply “hang your words” and confidently load the emails into your autoresponder and click “Send.”
It’s like building a house. Would you just lay a bunch of bricks, mortar, plywood, shingles, and siding in a pile and call it a day?
Heck no…you’ll end up with one big mess. That’s why architects create the house before it’s been built through blueprints. That way the contractors know where to put each brick, nail each 2 x 4, and place each piece of siding.
And, in the same vein, you’re probably taking a similarly haphazard approach to writing your emails. Or you’re cheating your existing email sequences because you are constantly staring at the computer screen wondering what to write next.
Well, I feel your frustration. That’s why:

I Want To Empower You To Create Your OWN Email Marketing Campaigns Without Outside Help Thanks To A System Where 85% Of The Work Is Already Done For You
So, for the first time ever, I decided to “shamelessly steal” the idea from my best-selling course Magnetic Marketing and create an “email only” version that allows you to create your own email marketing campaigns.
You’ll get copyright free email campaigns you can swipe from, steal, borrow and implement for your own email campaigns. There’s plenty of stuff here…from subject line templates, holiday email promotions, referral campaigns, you name it.
You’ll no longer scratch your head wondering what to write in your next email and complain about “writer’s block”…
The pain, agony, stress and struggle of writing emails will permanently go away…and creating your own campaigns will instantly go from difficult to EASY.
You’ll also stop procrastinating on creating those email sequences you KNOW you should be creating…and probably should have created months and YEARS ago.
That’s because you’ll have a proven foundation from which you can simply “hang your words” and crank out money-making email campaigns that puts more money in your pocket.
So if you’ve struggled with writing emails, rest assured that it’s not your fault!
Nobody has shown you how to reliably and predictably build relationships with your customers, clients and patients through cost-effective emails so they’ll effortlessly buy from you in a manner that doesn’t “burn out” your list….
It’s time to resurrect that “dead” list and start producing the results and revenues you deserve for your brick and mortar or online business when you take action today and invest in:

The Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit contains everything you need to write compelling emails that get opened, get read, and build long-lasting relationships with customers, clients and patients.
This is a more sophisticated and less “salesy” way to communicate with your prospects, customers, clients or patients that doesn’t require you to bombard them with sales messages that’ll eventually fatigue your list.
You see, there’s a reason I have “lifers” who have been with me for 5, 10, 12, and 15+ years. If I send them pitch after pitch…offer after offer…then they’ll leave me in a matter of months
The Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit is all about building relationships with customers, clients and patients so they’re fascinated with you. This totally shifts the dynamic of the prospect-customer relationship where you become a magnet and people are pulled to you.
They look forward to getting your emails in their Inbox.
They treat you like a welcome guest instead of an “annoying pest” like most marketers.
Best part? They’ll BUY from you because you’ve built a relationship with them…and they know you have their best interests at heart, and put real value in the offers you make.
This sure beats trying to “hack” it by sending out pitch after pitch…offer after offer…until your list starts to ignore you, send SPAM complaints or unsubscribe completely…
…resulting in having you to replace this dead or diseased herd with fresh names you can “churn and burn” again.
Listen:  the hardest part of business is getting qualified leads onto your list. So you might as well keep the ones you have and build a relationship with them…so they’ll never leave you.
The Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit is going to help you do that. This course will put you on my level of sophistication when it comes to marketing your business or practice…
…and not “pretenders” who don’t email very often, have no strategy when sending out emails, or write emails that get ignored or chucked in the Trash folder.
Gone will be the days where you have to beat your head against the wall trying to come up with ideas for the emails you have to write.
You’ll now have a system you can reliably “lean on” for the rest of your wealth-building career that’ll take the frustration out of writing marketing emails.

The Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit Consists Of Three Money-Making Components:
• Money-Making Component #1:  You’ll get your own comprehensive copy of the 4-hour probative training session I did with the GKIC’s Dave Dee. You’ll also get an easy-to-follow transcript you can use to follow along, take notes, and leverage for your own business. We really designed this in a cookbook format to make it easy for you – just follow the email marketing recipe and you’ll be successful.
• Money-Making Component #2:  You’ll get copyright free email marketing documents you can take and use to get almost immediate results. These templates are literally [FILL IN THE BLANK] so you can easily fill in your product or service and you’re all set. There are a variety of promotions you’ll be able to effortlessly swipe—including Holiday promotions, Subject line templates, Birthday campaigns, and much more.
• Money-Making Component #3: You’ll also get an utterly irresistible swipe file that’s filled to the brim with 23 marketing examples you can learn from and model for your own email campaigns, including a complete launch campaign, landing pages, sales pieces, lead generation and way more as well.

And here’s the best part:

You Don’t Have To Be A Bona-Fide Copywriting Genius Or Master Marketer To Implement This System
In fact, it could be an advantage that you are not “that great” because most copywriters and marketers tend to over analyze, over think, perfect, etc. which wastes time and delays implementation.
We recommend that you just “fill in the blanks” with your business details and send out these emails as-is — instead of trying to complicate things
That’s what the Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit is designed for…to remove a lot of the “hard work” that goes into creating an email campaign.
For example…when you want to create a referral campaign, just take the copyright free referral templates in the package, insert your business name, product name, etc. and BOOM…you’re done.
And when the Holidays come around, just take the Holiday promotion examples, replace the [FILL IN THE BLANK] placeholders with your business details and BAM…send it out and watch the sales come in.
The whole process should take 1-2 minutes per email…tops. Versus spending 30 minutes to an hour staring at the blinking cursor wondering what to write next and worrying if what you sent out was “good enough.”
Like I said before, 85% of the work is already done for you. Just fill in the blanks and you’re all set. Heck, you can even get an assistant to create these emails for you—either a person you already employ or a virtual assistant you can hire.
That’s how “A to Z” this email system is…the videos, templates, and examples literally take you by the hand and shows you how to create campaigns for:

• Teleseminars
• Webinars
• Referral Campaigns
• Cash-Flow Surge Campaigns
• …and a whole LOT more!

So How Much Is It Worth To You To Create Cost-Effective Email Marketing Campaigns On The Fly That’ll Boost Your Bottom Line?
I’m not going to waste your time talking about how I tossed and turned in bed, asked my clients, and talked to my “guru” buddies about how much to charge for this package.
Email marketing is an integral piece of any marketing plan for a brick and mortar business owner or online retailer, and a wonderfully CHEAP way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers…and put your profit-making on autopilot.
Sure, it’s cheap to send out emails, but consider the time cost of writing emails for your business…including hiring an experienced copywriter to write these campaigns for you…the cost could run in the tens of thousands of dollars and up.
But I’m here to empower you to create your own email marketing campaigns that automatically bring in referrals to your business without spending a lot of time and money.
Taking action on this package will surely save you thousands of dollars in the long run…so even an investment of $1,497 would be well worth it.
Considering you could hire a copywriter for 2-3x that price…someone who doesn’t know your business as intimately as you do and whom you’ll probably have to go back and forth with until they finally “get it”…that price is well worth it.
Well, guess what?
You won’t have to pay that when you take action on this brand new program NEW for 2015, the price is ONLY $497.
That’s barely 3 months of cable television or cell phone bills, but you’ll be able to generate bullet-proof email marketing campaigns based on “what works” for GKIC and our clients—so you don’t have to pull your hair out wondering how to create your campaigns.
The investment essentially equates to being less that 1% of a $100,000 per year income. And, knowing how “good” my stuff is and the fact that I am the highest paid copywriter on the planet, it’s a no brainer that you’ll get at least a 1% “bump” in income when you implement this training.
Heck, you could probably look on your calendar, see that there’s a holiday coming up, copy and paste one of the copyright free holiday promotions from this System, stick in your business and details, and click SEND.
That one email alone could more than make up for the cost of this System!
So, in reality, this System doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s an investment in your future wealth-building career—where you’ll be able to generate email campaigns that put a majority of your marketing on autopilot.
That’s right, just like what Ron Popeil says…just “set it and forget it”.

Plus, When You Take Action Today,
You’ll Get The Following Bonuses Worth $441:
Power Bonus #1 (Worth $197):  ALL copyright free Templates On CD – Not only are you getting all the templates and examples as part of this System in hard-copy format, but you’ll also get the copyright free Templates on a resource CD in easy-to-edit Microsoft WORD format. This will make creating your email campaigns literally “drag and drop” easier.
Power Bonus #2: (Worth $197):  Copy CONFIDENTIAL Special Report: “Psychological Keys to Crafting Messages That Can’t Be Ignored” – We’re also going to send you one of the BEST “Copy Confidential” sessions ever done… where Dave Dee exposed subtle, yet devastatingly effective, psychological cues and tricks he used in a highly successful email promotion for Frank Kern. The strategies you’ll discover from this call are not only extremely valuable, they’re 100% applicable to ALL kinds of marketing campaigns – from postcards, to flyers, to sales letters, and much more.
Power Bonus #3: (Worth $47): “Instant Cash Flow Surge Generator” – And last but not least you’ll get a FREE copy of GKIC’s “Instant Cash Flow Surge Generator” – which reveals a Simple 3-Step System you can use to generate FAST Revenues without having to resort to “Cold Calling” or Carpet Bombing cold lists with unproven “hope and pray” discount offers.

Name Product: Dan Kennedy – The Magnetic Email Marketing System & Toolkit
Market price: $497
Author: Dan Kennedy
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