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Writing emails can feel like a nightmare.
It definitely did to me at one point.
I still remember grueling away for hours upon hours every single day to learn email copywriting. I went through all the classic copywriting books as well as today’s more modern copywriting courses.
And while I did that, I also wrote A LOT of emails for both myself and my clients.
About 1,000 emails in 6 years in fact.
And because I was basically winging it most of the time, I took forever to write these d*** emails.
Little short 300 word emails would take hours of my time because I wanted every little thing to be perfect.
And that’s not counting the crazy amount of time I took just to try and think about ideas to write about in the first place.
Imagine knowing your calendar is full with emails and everyday you have no idea what to write about.
You can barely write 1 email, let alone the other 15 you need to write for the rest of the month.
But fortunately, through sheer brute force and a dash of chemical X, I did something that changed everything forever…
As I wrote all of these emails, I started to build mental email templates on the fly. By combining everything I learned from both old guys like Ogilvy and newer guys like Ben Settle… and then morphing all of that “raw data” into something useful to me, I came up with some crazy awesome templates.
It’s these same templates now that allow me to write daily emails if I wanted with a fraction of the stress and anxiety.
I don’t have to spend 3 hours to figure out what I want my emails to be about.
Heck, today, I can literally make something up on the spot and make it work. My “long lasting” emails today take me about 20-25min.
My fastest? Literally 3 minutes. No joke.
Usually, they take me about 15 minutes each though.
That’s because these emails templates were built like diamonds.
Years of constant, ridiculous pressure morphed my scattered copywriting knowledge into a step-by-step system I could count on every single day.
And that is what this training is all about.
With the Email Marketing and Autoresponder training, I’m going to teach you ALL of my email templates.
The same exact ones I conjured up while being stressed out of my mind writing emails with very little time to spare and had to figure something out or I would lose out on A LOT of money.
Now imagine your life WITHOUT all of that.
Imagine being able to execute on your email marketing strategy WITHOUT all the stress and anxiety.
Imagine being able to sit there, write up an email in just minutes, and immediately send it out knowing your 100% confident that it’s going to convert.
Imagine all the the time you save so you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your life (which is why you got into business in the first place).
Heck, even if you don’t want to learn them yourself. You can always hire a copywriter and train him up in just 2ish hours by sending them this course so you can be 100% sure he or she is going to deliver high converting emails to you every single time.
So here’s how you can grab these email templates.

Everything I’ve learned over the past 6 years writing over 1,000 emails will be in there:
– How to come up with email topic ideas
– How to make sure that what you write is interesting
– How to come up with these ideas on the fly
– The 4 things you need to create a persuasive story with ease
– The 3 tricks to easily make autoresponder sequences
– The 72 hour “zero to hot” autoresponder sequence so you can position yourself as the go-to person/business in your subscriber’s mind
– The truth behind nurturing your email list
– The “Tabloid” method to creating email subject lines that get clicked
– The mistake 99.99% of marketers make when picking an email topic to write about.
– The “hustler” email template you can use to make high converting emails on the fly, every single day if you wanted to
– The “greeter” email template that you can use to immediately immerse new leads into your world and dictate how they will respond to your future emails
– The “email sales letter” template you can use to sell anything not using a regular sales letter (It’s perfect for ecommerce businesses).
– The “proof without a reasonable doubt” email template so you can influence even the most skeptical of leads to buy
– The “scarcity” email template so you can sell your product or service HARD without the extreme backlash a lot of business owners see.
– And way more…

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