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What if your DREAMS could lead you to true love?
What if you had a series of dreams giving you clues as to what was unconsciously preventing you from finding love?
What if you learned how to “read” the symbolic language of dreams, giving you a map that leads to you everything you desire?

Some people think of dreams as random, confusing and irrelevant mind-stuff that have no real meaning to your external life. The ancients disagree. For thousands of years, dreams were a source of inspiration, insight and direction both personally and for the tribe. Even though you live in the modern world, the ancient art of dream interpretation is still alive within you.
Learn how you can tap into your ancient wisdom and discover the power of dreams to create the love and life you want.
What are your dreams trying to tell you about your relationships?
Freud used to think of dreams as a depository of your personal history, suppressed memories and fears. Carl Jung took dream psychology to the next level as he expanded our knowledge of the nature of our mind beyond the personal unconscious to the collective unconscious (divine self). Jung believed that the dreams were helping us return to balance and give us insight as to direction in life and let us know what we are not aware of consciously.
When we dream, our filter of conscious logic is suspended, so we are free to explore our unconscious mind without limitations. With this power, we get access to deeper levels of our mind and our true self to guide us to great love, great abundance, living our purpose and being balanced and joyful in life.
Dreams have important information to help you create lasting and loving relationships. You don’t want to miss out on this valuable insight!
No Dream Dictionary Required.
Your personal unconscious language is different from everyone else. Sure, there are some common symbols in dreams that we all share, but how your dreams are working with you are unique and special to your individual life. Your life experience and how you interpreted the stories of your past is your own personal perception. Your dreams are a reflection of your own mind.
Once you unlock this SECRET LANGUAGE OF YOUR DREAMS, you will become more in control of the decisions you are making in your waking life in relationships which will lead you to true love.
Your Dreams and Your Love Life
The experiences, feelings and archetypes that show up in your dreams have a powerful message about your love life. The characters are like actors in a play and the scene and storyline are all related to your personal unconscious narrative that is directing your romantic choices, your experience in relationships and how you protect your heart from true love.
In the dreams you can see your Love Shadow™, your Inner Adam® (or Eve) and where you are out of balance in opening your heart, trusting potential partners, and exactly where you are stuck in past relationship patterns.
Learn the powerful process of consciously directing your dreams and use them to help you find true love!
The Dreams of Love Experience is a 6-part program to help you remember, interpret and use your dreams to guide you to the love of your life.

Here’s what is included:
Four (4) Powerful Mind-Expanding Lectures on the Purpose of Dreams, Symbols, Archetypes and Consciousness, How to Remember and Interpret them, How to Understand the Characters in your Dreams, and How to Use them to guide you to lasting love.
Three (3) Replays Group Dream Interpretation and Guidance Calls hosted by Dr. Robert Maldonado and Debi Berndt – replays of actual Q&A Calls
Six (6) New Dream Inspirational Visualizations and Techniques to “talk” to your dreams and get the answers you want in love

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