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Dear Business Builder,
The world is not fair…
On one hand we have people busting their gut to earn just enough to cover their basic needs… barely being able to pay the bills, and living well below their capabilities.
But then, on the other hand, we have others who seem to have no problem living life on their own terms.
They’re people who have all the money they need, yet they seem to work the hours they want to… when they want to… and better than that… with whom they want to.
What’s more, they also have time to spend with their kids, play a round of golf or three, and travel to exotic places on a whim.
My guess is that you want that kind of life for yourself, and your family.

And you can.
In fact, I know you can. I’m living proof of it.
It wasn’t too long ago I was struggling myself to keep my head above water. I had a job I hated. Bosses I hated even more… and a workload that guaranteed I had little to no time to spend with my family.
But then I discovered something that changed my life…
I learned the simple (not easy) secrets to earning money on the internet, more than I ever could possibly of hoped to earn at my J…OH…B.

No Boss
No Commute
No Frustrations
I now earn a solid income and live a comfortable lifestyle. But what’s far more important to me, is the fact I have no one telling me what to do, when to do it… and by what time to have it done.
I have no boss. I work from my home here in Dublin – and I have no debt worries.
I absolutely love the freedom I now have in my life.

The thing is…
Anyone can learn the same skills needed to write their own paycheck.
Skills that – if you have them – can put your financial destiny squarely into your own hands, for as long as you choose to use them.
You’ll never be wanting for money, no matter what state the economy is in.
You’ll never have to answer to a boss ever again.
You’ll never struggle to pay bills on time.

What My Mentor
Taught Me
I jump on a private call with one of my mentors (this guy is a millionaire many times over) – and on each call he used to just sit down and start rambling about business.
He never has a script.
He doesn’t plan anything ahead of time.
He just rambles on for an hour and a half.
I tellya, those ramblings are absolute gold. I learn more from him when he just lets loose and talks about anything and everything business related, without a script.
There’s something special that comes out of a person’s mouth when they aren’t inhibited and just tell it like it is, without the need to color between the lines.
Well, Random Ramblings of an Irish Marketing Madman, is a lot like that, hence the name.

Let’s Cut To The Chase
What I have for you today, is over 3 hours audio where I talk you through the ideas, concepts, tactics, tips, tricks, and strategies that I use in my own business.
These are short audios (average 5 minutes each) that I’ve created on the fly.
You can dig into each one in sequence, or jump about and listen to them in any order – and get a lot of great insights into how ALL successful marketers create super profitable businesses.
What you’ll get, is me, sitting at the computer… rambling and ranting about everything I’ve learned over the last decade in this grubby little industry of ours.
No punches held.
No bullshit theories.
Just the down & dirty, tried, tested, and PROVEN secrets to earning a consistent income online… month after month like clockwork.
Here’s a brief look at some of the things you’ll learn when you dig into this audio program today…

“Are You Ready To Learn Outside The Box Strategies And Absolutely CRUSH IT Online Every Single Time?”
Here’s how it works. You can lock yourself in at the special price below.
This is a single onetime payment – but it ain’t the average, CHEAP, “tactic” based product you’re prob’ly used to buying.
It’s much more sophisticated than that.

How so?
If you take action with just 1 or 2 techniques I show you throughout this whole training, you will have invested your money wisely…
But I deliver on my promise to give you EVERYTHING I said I would above, and more.
This audio training can – and will change how you make money online.
Having the skills needed to go into any market and absolutely CRUSH IT! – is PRICELESS!
Heck, just saving money you’d otherwise blow on lackluster half-assed eBooks… and saving you tremendous amounts of time – makes this an incredible deal.

Now, You Have A Decision To Make
To finally get your marketing career in gear, you can…
Get access to this training with over 3 information-packed hours and learn many cool tactics about building and running a successful Internet marketing business…
You can try and find all of this valuable information online… You can continue paying through your nose for the next shiny objects you already know will fail to deliver every single time…
…and you can continue to create content that just makes your prospects run away as fast as they can.

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