Name Product: Desmond Ong – $200 in 20 minutes v2.0
Market price: $19
Author: Desmond Ong

Quick question.
If I say, “You can make $200 in 20 minutes”.
. what would be your first reaction?
If you’re like a normal human being, you’ll be skeptical. because you’ve probably bought so many products from so many so-called gurus that you’re so confused what’s possible and what’s not possible.
I understand and I’ve been in the same shoes before many times too.
I’m not here to sell you something…
And before I get there.
Let me just quickly introduce myself.
My name is Desmond Ong (just in case you’ve not heard of me) and I wrote the bestselling book, “Against All Odds”.
I also speak on a lot of stages… and I’ve been responsible for over $17 million worth of sales since the start of my internet marketing career.
I started out in this business as a young busboy in a diner. cleaning off tables and throwing out garbage bags for $1 per hour.
Yes. $1 per hour.
I would save up $10 in my savings account (yes, that would cost me 10 hours of really disgusting work) just so I could afford a domain name of a website.
So for me to even start a website. I had to save up 1 week of earnings. just to be able to afford a website.
I learned how to build simple websites by myself. and even after 6 months of trying this out. I failed to make a single red cent.
My Closest Family Told Me To Give Up & Find Another Job…They Think Internet Maketing Is A “Scam”
& I Was Just Wasting My Money
I remembered staying up late at around 2 am. after my shift at the diner. working in front of my computer . hoping to just make $10 so I could buy another domain name.
So I could try again.
But 6 months and after spending over $160.
$160 of my hard earned dollars. I almost gave up.
It took me 8 months before I figured this out.
And when I did. I started seeing income like this coming in daily.
Now, this isn’t a lot of money by any means. There are marketers out there who are doing thousands per day at that time.
But for me. that was a lot of money and it was enough to motivate me to quit my dreadful job to work full time online.
And that’s how my career got started.
Ever since then, I’ve been able to grow my income to the level beyond what I could imagine. I mean, just take a look as I log into my PayPal account and show you how much I’ve got in there..
And if you don’t think that’s significant enough, check this out.

These are two of my ClickBank accounts that I use specifically to promote “niche” offers like weight loss, self help and dating offers.
Not only that… I’ve been able to repeat the success of this method on a new network called “ClickBetter”… here’s a quick case study to show you my results…
. and all these daily sales are done thanks to this little system called “$200 in 20 minutes”.

In 2015. I first released this system into the internet marketing community just to “test the waters”.
Over 3,000 people got in.
And This “Little Course” Has Been Responsible For Some Amazing Success Stories From Our Members:
I’m not sharing all these to brag.
I’m sharing all these to show you what’s possible when you use my system and start creating an income for yourself.
I’m also sharing this to you because I want you to realize that what you’re about to learn and apply. has been proven to work 100%… no matter where you’re from. no matter who you are.
As long as you have the determination and the drive to succeed – you can use “$200 in 20 minutes” and start creating an income of $200 in 20 minutes daily.
This is my promise to you.

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