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Name Product: Online Business Strategies for Total Beginners
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Instructor:  Doru Catana
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Learn the basics of starting your business online with these simple videos
Searching for an Easy to Follow, Up-to-Date Course To Initiate You in Making Money Online?
Angry at The World Because You Just Don’t Know Where To Start?
Not Sure How To Monetize Your Existing Website/Blog or YouTube Channel?
If that’s you, then you need this course more than you need air.
Look, I’m a normal guy, just like you and most people you know. I don’t like to think of myself as a “marketing guru” as many experts call themselves. Then only thing that I have been privileged with, is to work for about 10 years in the advertising industry and test out dozens of ideas in tens of markets and see what works and what doesn’t.
Well it’s simple…instead of you spending thousands of dollars if not more on advertising to learn from your own mistakes, you will skip all the headaches I had and my years of trial and error. Consider this course your head-ache pill that you take before even feeling any pain.
And just to make sure…

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