Name Product: Doug Cunnington – FIVE Figure Niche Site
Market price: $247/month
Author: John Reese
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How To Create a Profitable
FIVE Figure Niche Site
With a Step-By-Step Blueprint

You’ll Learn:
How to pick a niche that’s profitable & long tail keywords that convert.
The factors to analyze the competition – even if you don’t have any paid tools.
Build backlinks & promote your site so it won’t get penalized by Google
Follow a proven step-by-step Niche Site system.

The One Thing You Can Do to Start Your Own Niche Site and Get Traffic
A Niche Site Project subscriber sent me an email a couple weeks ago:
“I have tried a niche site recently… but have been told it’s too competitive and I would have to spend thousands and probably not end up on the top pages.
I would like to build niche sites to make an income due to my illness stopping me from working. Finding good niches where I could rank seems to be difficult.”
This is a smart, hard-working guy.
He’s read dozens of blog posts.
He’s listened to hours of podcasts.
And he’s watched hours of YouTube content about Niche Sites.

But that story is not unique…
The majority of people that want to start niche sites fail.
A lot of people never actually get started.
Maybe they don’t like the uncertainty of working on something for hours with​out knowing if it will actually pay off.
And maybe you’re not exactly like the subscriber above, maybe you have a different motivation:
​Spend more time with your family
Pay off debt or pay bills
Take more or better vacations
Get a nicer car

And the people that do get started have issues too. I hear this sort of stuff all the time:
​I don’t think I can choose a niche and that’s put me off doing it.
I’m not sure where to begin…there is a lack of good training available.
I’m not sure where to begin…there is TOO MUCH of training available and I don’t know what to follow.
I don’t know how to find a niche that I can be confident will be profitable.
I have website that’s been up for the past 8 months and traffic is very poor (not even getting 1 day)
Right now I feel like I’m already well over my head. I gotta come up with new strategy to target longtail keywords.
I feel like i’ve been learning a lot but at the same time I get the feeling that if I had to do an exam now, I would fail miserably.
I have a site but I don’t know how to get backlinks.
I have a site but I don’t know how to get traffic.
I have a site but I don’t know how to get guest posts.
I have a site but I don’t know if I can write 40 pieces of content and I don’t have a budget for a writer.

No matter what…
You want to stop trading time for money
Building a profitable & passive niche site isn’t easy…
…it takes hard work…
…and a proven plan…
You have the drive, you just need a repeatable plan.
​One of the main issues is that there are so many sources out there for information…
One blogger says you should do one thing……
And another blogger says you should never do that thing…
It’s confusing and frustrating…
You end up following some advice from blogger #1…
and then change your strategy…

Then you’re right back where you started.
​Five Figure Niche Site provides the exact blueprint to follow for a successful Amazon Associate niche site.​
Imagine what it would be like to wake up each morning and see the new sales you made overnight without giving it a second thought.
I’m Doug Cunnington, the founder of Niche Site Project.
Here’s what happened…
I created a website from scratch…
And it was featured on the Niche Pursuits Blog and Podcast.
Then I created another site and sold it with Empire Flippers.
I’ve told my story and been featured all over the place:​

Name Product: Doug Cunnington – FIVE Figure Niche Site
Market price: $247/month
Author: John Reese
Home sale:
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