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Hey BBHF what’s up.. I am happy to be part of this forum.. And I’ve got something special for you guys.. The product is no longer on sale, it’s been repackaged.. Here Dr John Demartini (featured in The Secret, and one of the best human behaviour researcher) shares 6 principles of billionaries, tips and tricks how to get up to speed with your finances.
Personally I have implemented the Automated Savings program.. I took action even when I didn’t have money back then, maybe only about 1k left in my savings, gotta pay rent, etc.. Now it’s already grown to 11k without me doing anything.. Cause its automated savings strategy and I did some of his Value Changing exercise too.

Why bother going through course like this?
1. Psychologically, there’s a difference when you operate your business / marketing / selling when you have liquid cash in your bank account compared to when you are doing it from place of desperation.
2. Especially good for those who are in debt. Cos you don’t eliminate debt by just trying to make more money.. You gotta eliminate desperation 1st. This course helps.
3. This will help you understand different kinds of money values. Big difference between SPENDING value / SAVING value / INVESTING value / MAKING MONEY value..
4. For those who already making money, this will show you how you can get 360 degree look on how you take care of your money
5. A case study how a doctor earning $2-3m/year but $300k in debt by the end of the year.. Why? He didn’t have value on savings, only making money and spending it all.. And he thinks he is successful..
6. For those who think money is going to fall from the sky doing nothing, or just buying/downloading product after product, this is what you need to hear.

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