Dropship Legacy - 3 Steps to 1 Million with Zero Invested
Dropship Legacy – 3 Steps to 1 Million with Zero Invested
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Dropship Legacy is a course for dropshippers who are either beginners or experts!
Throughout the courses you learn a variety of info on how to set up your store such as how to set it up for free plus shipping offers and much more. For those who don’t want to spend money on Facebook Ads, the course teaches you how to find Instagram influencers in your niche and download apps so that you can have influencers sign up under your affiliate program (an app within Shopify store) so that you can track and payout commissions to influencers. He shows you exactly what apps and services he uses!

The 3 Advertising Phases With ZERO Invested To 1 Million In Sales In 5 Months

Phase 1 – Affiliate Marketing With Instagram
I know, it sounds crazy to be able to create a online store and be selling the next day. My plan of attack was to direct message and email relevant instagram influencers or fan pages and get them to join me. And by join me, I mean to become part of my “sales team” aka affiliate marketing. Luckily, the shopify app store has several options for integrating an affiliate program with your store. You can then setup your own terms and commission structure. I chose to go with affiliatly.
Fast forward to halfway through the month, I had already conquered the 12k mark and pushed through to my first 4k in sales in one day. By the end of the month, I had gone crazy, sure I was happy that my experiment went amazingly well, but there had to be a way to automate some of this. I decided to go out to upwork.com and find myself a VA.

Phase 2 – Facebook
Halfway through the month, I had already conquered my 120k mark and decided to again have an extended goal. 200k seemed reasonable so I shot for that.
I then expanded my Facebook ads to target more countries one by one which worked so well that I ended up with 240k in sales to close out July 2016. And yes, this means I sell worldwide! Why limit yourself to just your own country?

Phase 3 – Diversify
During this time, I also realized I was missing out on a large chunk of income that I was leaving on the table, that being email marketing.
In addition to all of that, it struck me one day to use multiple facebook fan pages to funnel into my main general store.

Lesson 1 -what Is Dropshipping And Why Do I Need To Know About It?
Lesson 2 – You Know Nothing ____________
Lesson 3 – Welcome To Shopify! + Example Sites
Lesson 4 -sourcing The Good Good
Lesson 5 -necessary Oberlo Settings + Suggested Apps + Cashback!!!
Lesson 6 -traffic Phase 1: Lean Slay
Lesson 7 -traffic Phase 2: Paid Slaying
Lesson 8- Traffic Phase 3: Complimentary Slaying
Lesson 9 -handling Customers
Lesson 10 -time: The One Thing We Don’t Get Back

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Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87