Eben Pagan – The Virtual CEO
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The Virtual CEO is an all-new curriculum and live training program that we’ve developed, specifically to help people build their virtual business online.
We have all been watching this new trend of entrepreneurs building their businesses without ever having an office – and doing everything from their computer.
This is one of the great success stories that the internet has created for many, many people now.
What Do You Get With Eben Pagan Virtual CEO System?
The system is broken down in 7 action steps. It includes everything you need to know about building a successful online business. These include:

ACTION STEP 1: Eliminate distractions and interruptions as your #1 priority, and win back 1-2 hours per day.
ACTION STEP 2: Do the highest-value, money-making work FIRST with that time.
ACTION STEP 3: Create habits by doing the same thing every day for 30 days.

Action Step 2: PRODUCT
ACTION STEP 1: Make your product or service appeal to fewer people.
ACTION STEP 2: Create your Customer Avatar and Customer Influencer.
ACTION STEP 3: Install a GRADUATION MODEL with a “product ladder”

Action Step 3: MARKETING
ACTION STEP 1: Move The Free Line. Give away your most valuable knowledge in a high perceived-value format.
ACTION STEP 2: Test everything and keep the winners.
ACTION STEP 3: Script & Automate the building of the relationship with your customer using technology.

Action Step 4: GROWTH
ACTION STEP 1: Hire Superstars Only. Think of everyone you hire as someone you’re going to be married to, and then select accordingly
ACTION STEP 2: Once you’ve hired a superstar, have them send you daily updates by email.
ACTION STEP 3: Systemize everything.

Action Step 5: MASTERMIND
ACTION STEP 1: Imagine yourself in 3 years and get a clear picture in that area of life that’s important to you.
ACTION STEP 2: Identify 10 people who have achieved that result that you know or know of.
ACTION STEP 3: Get a group of 5-10 people together to start your mastermind.

Action Step 6: MONEY & WEALTH
ACTION STEP 1: Switch from thinking in money to thinking in value produced, that then turns into money.
ACTION STEP 2: Take the money, and invest in assets that 1.) grow in value, 2.) throw off value.
ACTION STEP 3: Accumulate high-quality assets to build the long-term security of wealth.

ACTION STEP 1: Live where you are most productive
ACTION STEP 2: Make your work environment a super-inspiring space, so its designed from the ground up to make you into a productivity machine.
ACTION STEP 3: Travel and build a travel version of your life.
NOTE: This GB contains only the brand-new live trainings Eben conducted for the Virtual CEO course…it does not contain the old courses that Eben included as bonuses.

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