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Ed Gandia and Derek Lewis – Ghostwriting Secrets
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Author: Ed Gandia and Derek Lewis
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What’s easier?
(A) Landing 10 projects @ $2,500 each?
(B) Landing 1 project @ $25,000?
Would you believe it’s
the $25,000 gig?
That is … if you know how to leverage your writing or copywriting experience into book ghostwriting

Dear friend,
You know what makes freelancing so hard?
It’s NOT the work.
It’s the challenge of having to bring in enough income every single month.
Let’s say you need to gross $50,000 a year. And let’s assume your average project is worth about $2,000.
This means you have to bring in about 25 projects a year just to pay your bills.
That’s a new $2,000 project every other week!
Worse yet, this struggle never ends!
Day and night, you run on full throttle. You shovel these projects out the door. And you constantly worry about where the next one will come from.
Back to the hunt. Back to haggling over price. Back to chasing down prospects who won’t answer calls or return emails. Back to worrying about where next month’s rent will come from.
No wonder so many of us are stressed and exhausted all the time!
But What If You Suddenly Landed a $25,000 Project?
What if you could count on earning half of your target income in just one project?
What would that do for your stress level?
What would that do for your business?
What would that do for your family?
This is NOT a fantasy.
This is the everyday reality for my friend and colleague, Derek Lewis.
Derek ghostwrites books for experts and nonfiction authors.
He’s worked with client-authors on five continents, including a Texas oil tycoon, a Turkish economist, an IT startup millionaire, a Brazilian federal judge and a Cajun colonel.
His authors work with the International Monetary Fund, General Electric, DaimlerChrysler, SAP, Pixar, Disney, the US Marine Corps, and the Red Cross.
But don’t let that intimidate you. Derek didn’t always work on big projects for people with big budgets.
In fact, just 8 years ago he started just like most of us: down in the trenches of copywriting … chasing down prospects in the online job boards … sweating over every nickel … and praying he’d have enough to cover next month’s mortgage.

This Is What I Love
About Derek’s Business
Are you ready for this?
Derek’s average fee to ghostwrite a book…
$50,000 to $75,000 — And he assures me he’s nowhere NEAR the top!
Oh, did I mention he works with only 2 to 3 clients a year?
Yeah. Do the math on that.
And he doesn’t chase clients. They come to HIM!
But here’s where you really want to pay attention: There’s nothing special or mysterious about ghostwriting.
You don’t have to have contacts in publishing. You don’t have to accidentally land a book. There’s no secret fraternity of ghostwriters that keeps writers from entering the biz.
(In fact, anybody can hang a shingle, and many people do. You’ll find $500 “ghostwriters” online all the time.)
To become a serious and successful ghostwriter, you need to have the following:
Good writing skills and a decent set of writing samples (they DON’T need to be book samples! Regular copywriting samples are fine.)
An existing writing or copywriting business (in other words, you already have clients and have been generating freelance income)
Time and patience (this is NOT a get-rich-quick opportunity)
Willingness to work hard (yes, it’s going to take some work to get this off the ground!)
Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing:
A veteran ghostwriter showing you the ropes

Do YOU Have All That?
If you’re reading this, you probably have the first 4.
But I would bet the farm that you don’t have #5.
So here’s the good news…
I’ve convinced Derek to put together an exclusive online workshop and small coaching group for my tribe. We’re calling it…
Insider Secrets of a 6-Figure Ghostwriter:
How to Make a Great Living Writing Books for Experts and Nonfiction Authors
I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.
First, you need to hear the short version of Derek’s story … because it’s not what you’d expect.

What Will You Learn in This Workshop Series?
Positioning yourself strategically:
How to leverage your past experience to land ghostwriting gigs. And how to demonstrate competence when you’ve never written a book.
How to develop the confidence to go after a high-fee book ghostwriting gig… even when you’ve never written one in your life.
12 overlooked portfolio-bulking techniques you can put into place immediately
How to safely and quickly transition from writing or copywriting to high-dollar book editing… and then into $25,000+ book ghostwriting.
To niche or not to niche? How to make the right decision when adding ghostwriting as a key service. And why you need to look at it differently.

Attracting (and landing) the right kind of clients:
Where to find clients—and where to NOT waste your time.
How to align yourself, your message and your marketing with the authors looking for people like you
The oft-overlooked (yet extremely lucrative!) book-ghostwriting markets that most new writers never even think of.
The “Send Up a Signal” and “Bread Crumb Trail” strategies Derek uses to get the best clients to come to HIM.
The repellant marketing approach that allows you to keep time-wasters and tire-kickers from ever picking up the phone in the first place.
The “3 R’s” of a quality prospect—and how to immediately tell if they’re a fit for you.

Pricing, negotiating and contracts:
How to handle prospect inquiries and conversations with confidence. What to say, what to ask … and how to size up a prospect quickly.
Derek’s 4 “green lights” and 6 “red lights” technique for qualifying ghostwriting prospects like a pro.
What to include in your contract (and why). And how to present high fees confidently.
Where to be flexible on payment terms, where to draw the line, and how to avoid payment problems.

Ghosting the book:
Derek’s 5-step process for delivering the book effectively and on time.
Tips and strategies for staying on track.
How and when to communicate with the client during each phase of the engagement.
And after the party’s over … where to send your client once you’ve delivered their manuscript.

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