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The Brand New “3% Process”
For Creating Your Personal
Time Collapsing Money Machine!

Thank You!
You just made one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make in your entrepreneurial endeavors.
I don’t need to blow smoke – you just grabbed my book, and that’s all I wanted.
So I’m done.
Almost …
Just give me another 2 minutes of your time to tell you about something that previously, only those with million-dollar-a-year business had access to … until today …
You and I are the same.
We’re entrepreneurs, and as such we want:
Hey, that’s only natural.
We crave success, we crave adventure and we crave cash.
I’ve had all of that.
In fact, in my career I have …
Made over $50 Million Dollars in a highly competitive supplement market with no experience.  In our best  year, we made $28,000,000… and even now, we do well over 7-figures, yet the business is on auto-pilot,  with very little day-to-day work and most importantly, no stress.
Used “Authority Shortcuts” and “Success Tsunamis” To Make 7 Figures in Less Than 12 Months (we’ll get  into this in a bit… but it was the simplest thing we’ve ever applied)
Devised An “Ethical Selling Blueprint” To Generate $1.6 Million In Sales in Only 4 Days.

This was using nothing more than a moderately-sized subscriber list.
The exact steps I used are proven to work in ANY INDUSTRY and for ANY PRODUCT. Again, you can learn about these very shortly. Just keep reading …

Module 1
The Opportunity and The Question
Social media has given EVERYONE opportunity to make it big.
That’s good AND bad news.
It means you no longer have the edge over your competition with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but in this module , I guide you through what is working NOW
Thanks to expert help from the brains behind Digital Marketer, you get insider secrets to stand out from the noise online.

Module 2
The Fastest Way To Accelerate
There are 9 key friction points that will kill your success before you’ve even begun.
Not one of the 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs I’ve mentored has known what these are, yet when we removed them, they fast-tracked their profits.

Module 3
Freedom Question
Discover the long-lost, buried question the marketing experts of old used to ask themselves.

Module 4
The Leap Frog Time Collapsing System
• Never Take The Stairs to Success Ever Again
• Learn how to establish yourself as an authority figure quicker than you ever imagined.

Module 5
Advanced Power Relationship System
• How to Get A Billionaire, Celebrities To Mentor, Hire, or Endorse You
• The Secret to: 2, 5, 20,100, and 1000

Module 6
Building Your Own Personal Time Collapsing Machine
I made the 1st ever time collapsing machine. Learn how I (a father of 7) manages to run 2 multi-million dollar companies while still having enough time to take my kids to the ballgame, and going on date nights with my wife.

Module 7
“The Future You” Interview! Fun training that will give you the power to truly life-style design
Every entrepreneur I know (from the 50,000 Leads-a-Day Super-Affiliate Who Quietly Builds Houses and Schools For Orphans!, to the white rapper turned private jet company owner) used THIS very training exercise.
As you can see there’s a LOT covered.

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Module 1: The Opportunity and The Question
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Module 3: Freedom Question
Module 4: The Leap Frog Time Collapsing System
Module 5. Advanced Power Relationship System
Module 6: Building Your Own Personal Time Collapsing Machine
Module 7: “The Future You” Interview! Fun training that will give you the power to truly life-style  design

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