Ok, first of all; how unique is the opportunity exactly? Is there anything in the industry already that compares to what EMP is offering? Well, with their use of the “100% commission” tagline and the popularity of other “100% Commission” programs over the past 12-18 months, obviously they are attempting to get a piece of that pie. So lets start things off with a comparison between theElite Marketing Pro system and the grandaddy of all “100% commission” programs; Empower Network.

How is EMP different from Empower Network, and is it possible to make a decision on which one is “better” (we know we’re opening up the potential for heated debate here – but we’re willing to go there!)? Or could the two opportunities actually work side-by-side? Mmmmmmm….

Before we jump into the comparison review, let’s quickly recap exactly what you get as a member of Elite Marketing Pro for the cost of $197 per month or £1997 (annually)…

What Does the Cost of the Elite Marketing Pro Membership Give You?

  • 100% commissions on ALL Magnetic Sponsoring products (minus 10% merchant fee) including: Magnetic Sponsoring ($39), Black Belt Recruiting ($97), Building on a Budget ($39), Pro Blog Academy ($297), MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 ($997), Irresistible Info Blueprint ($497), Copywriters Guide ($197) and What’s Working Now ($19 per month)..

  •  $120 recurring monthly commission on all referrals to Elite Marketing Pro

  • Co-branding with your picture and information on each product sold  – $500 value.

  • Regular training webinars and live Q&A with advanced marketing strategies – $147 per month value

  • Live support chat during business hours – $97 per month value

  • Elite VIP receptions at most of the industry events that the Magnetic Sponsoring crew host or speak at – $1000 value

  • EMP marketing system – $197 per month value

  • Multi-channel marketing system – $297 per month value

  • Exclusive sales funnels (making up to $17,000 per sale) – $297 per month value

  • 2 free tickets to the next Elite Marketing Pro event (fast start bonus) – $1000 value

A Comparison Review Between Elite Marketing Pro and Empower Network…

1. Investment – To get “All-In” with Empower Network, and have re-sell rights on all 5 products, the required investment is £6240 for the first year and $1740 for each subsequent year beyond that. This breaks down as; $145 per month recurring billing ($25 for the blogging platform, $100 for the Inner Circle audio training and $19.95 for the affiliate fee) and $4500 one time cost ($500 for the Costa Rica Intensive, $1000 for the 15k Formula and $3000 for the Masters Course).

Elite Marketing Pro Empower NetworkThe cost for Elite Marketing Pro is $1997 annually (or £2364 if paying monthly). A substantially lower investment (for the 1st year) than Empower Network. This gives you resell rights on a total of 15 products with 100% commission potential and offers a MUCH higher earning potential from each customer. After the second year, EMP costs slightly more annually at $257 (or $624 if paying monthly).

With Empower Network you are required to purchase each of the products before you can begin earning commissions on them, but with Elite Marketing Pro your monthly payment of $197 (or $1997 annually) gives you full licensing rights to the entire product library right from the start.

Elite Marketing Pro and Empower Network Pay-plans…

One of the biggest differences between Elite Marketing Pro and Empower Network is that EN operates a “pass up” system, whereby you must pass up your 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th sales, followed by every 5th sale beyond that. Even though Empower Network describes themselves as an “Affiliate Marketing Opportunity” this structure is much more in sync with a Network Marketing (or MLM) pay-plan. The emphasis is of course placed on building and leveraging a “downline”in order to get the most from the opportunity.

The EMP system on the other hand is a straight up affiliate marketing opportunity, with no downline or upline situation. This will of course suit someone who is uninterested in developing a team and wants to focus all of their efforts into generating sales themselves and keeping 100% of the profits with no pass ups.

There is of course a flip side to this though and for those looking to build and leverage the efforts of a team, the pass up sales that can come your way through the Empower Network pay-plan can add up pretty quickly. If a high producing downline is cultivated and nurtured (which does take time and effort), then passing up every 5th sale (beyond the 10th) will be a small price to pay for the compounding effect of the sales being passed up to you from your downline.

The Products – The product lines are both within the same niche; Internet marketing and leadership development. But of course, many of the Elite Marketing Pro products have been best sellers in the Home Based Business / Internet Marketing niche for many years already without an income opportunity attached. With Empower Network; the products were created with the sole intention of being attached to an income opportunity, so we’ll never know for sure how well they would sell as standalone products. Saying that though, there have certainly been many glowing testimonials from members of Empower Network as to the value of the products within the marketplace.

Name Product: Elite Marketing Pro Products
Market price: $1997 yearly
Author: Tim Erway
Size: 2.9 GB
Website: https://elitemarketingpro.com/



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