Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn…

  • How to create money-magnet assets that attract perfect prospects while positioning you as a celebrity-authority.
  • Create a functional list-getting “machine” that pulls in prospects for you on autopilot.
  • Build automated, behavioral dynamic marketing campaigns that automatically convert new subscribers into buyers while positioning you as an authority and building goodwill.
  • Advanced NLP language patterns for hypnotic persuasion.
  • Templates for sales videos and sales letters that convert!
  • How to create group sales presentations that educate, engage, inspire, and SELL like crazy!
  • BONUS: Advanced Automation
  • BONUS: Recurring Revolution
  • BONUS: Top-Level Income Infusion!

The pioneer of Internet Marketing; Frank Kern is back and he is doing his first launch in years (this means we have more than a golden opportunity).

Mass Conversion  is knocking at your doors in case you are any place like me suffering from poor conversions.

But before releasing the training, Frank has given us 3 foundation videos for free; each of which has value better than what you can get from full courses!

So, without further ado, here are the 3 videos:

Video 1 – The billion dollar swipe file
This video reveals a forgotten way of advertising responsible for billions of dollars by several companies. Frank used it in his campaigns with amazing success.
In addition to the video, he is giving away the template of this billion dollar swipe, so you can follow it and start increasing conversions.
Video 2 – Make sales fast
This video reveals a strategy to create authority and trust with your prospects even if they don’t know you.
Video 3 – The secret weapon

This is an innovative way to build a responsive list (not discussed by anyone before).

Name Product: Mass Conversion
Market price: [b]$1904[/b]
Author: Frank Kern
Size: 2.24 GB



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