Frederick Dodson – Reality Creation and Manifestation Video Course
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For the very first time in the History of Reality Creation Coaching the entire contents of Reality Creation Retreats and Live Seminars and the fruits of 25 years of Live Coaching and Group Interactions is wrapped up in one intense and super-efficient timeless Online Video Course. This is a simple, clear and flexible life guide which you can use and go back to whenever you need and want.
The Reality Creation and Manifestation Online Course summarizes 25 years of Live Seminars into 10 Weeks in which Frederick Dodson presents a step-by-step path to the speedy Manifestation of your goals and dreams. If you have not been able to visit Reality Creation Retreats or Live Coaching, these Videos will give you the most direct experience of the awesome effectiveness of Reality Creation.
The Reality Creation and Manifestation Online Course is split into weekly Segments in which you learn:

Which goals are uniquely right-for-you
How to use Imagination not for Fantasizing but Real-Life-Results
How to convert Fantasy to Belief and Belief to Reality
How to wipe out Doubt and build true Confidence
The best manifesting techniques demonstrated
Examples of some of the most amazing real-life goal-manifestations
How a radical overhaul of your self-image leads to speedy reality-shifts

The 10 Week Course contains 14 new (not publicly available) Training Videos (in HD Quality), Downloadable Worksheets, Homework and two email exchanges with Frederick Dodson. The personal direct support by Fred Dodson ensures that you are using the processes correctly toward the manifestation of your goals. The Course also contains footage from Live Reality Creation Retreats. Please note that attendees of the upcoming Live Seminar “Parallel Universes of Self” get this Course for FREE.
This Course is founded on 30 years of experience, intense study, experimentation and results-orientation. It is easily the best manifestation-course on planet Earth.

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