Gary Dayton - Weis Wave Plugin

Gary Dayton – Weis Wave Plugin
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Weis Wave Plugin

David Weis’s Weis Wave Webinar and Indicator Plugin

For TradeStation, Metastock, and NinjaTrader

The Weis Wave Webinar Recording teaches you how to use Weis Wave.

David Weis, a 40-year advanced student and expert in the Wyckoff Method, has released his Weis Wave indicator for the modern Wyckoff trader!

Derived from Richard Wyckoff’s excellent Tape Reading Techniques, David’s sophisticated personal research led him to develop the Weis Wave. The Weis Wave takes market volume and organizes it along with price into Wave Charts. It is the only software that provides this unique and highly valuable insight into the market’s true structure.
Dramatically Improve Your Reading of any Chart’s Volume

To illustrate its power, here is a chart of the intraday September Silver futures:

The bottom panel displays volume as we normally see it. It is difficult to read. But look what happens when we apply the Weis Wave to this chart. Volume suddenly becomes clear! At around 9:30, we see big volume, but not much result. Skilled chart readers will see the shortening of the thrust in the price waves. In the next wave down (to 10:05), Weis Wave volume increases dramatically – this is supply coming into the market. Confirmation comes on the two subsequent up waves showing little buying in the volume. You can’t see this in the normal volume, but the Weis Wave signals a clear and profitable short trade.

Weis Wave Webinar & Indicator Plug-In

David has conducted the webinar specifically on the use of his indicator, with a special discount for our trading community. The details are:

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $500.00

The cost includes David’s proprietary Weis Wave indicator as a TradeStation or MetaStock plug-in. The indicator is normally $500.00 without the instructional webinar!
The webinar has been recorded and participants will have access via our website.

The Weis Wave Plug-in is available for TradeStation. There is also a MetaStock version for those using a 32-bit operating system (the MetaStock version will not work on a 64-bit system). We also offer the plugin for Multicharts. Sorry, but there are no other charting package versions currently available. Now we also offer the plugin for NinjaTrader7!

Register here:

Find trades on the Live Edge of the Chart Before They Happen:

  • Traders do best when they understand the market by the individual waves it makes
  • David’s Weis Wave indicator is the only tool that provides both price and volume waves for any market
  • It adds a new level of sophistication to Richard Wyckoff’s Wave Chart
  • The Weis Wave indicator provides the trader with deep insight into any market and is used for intraday trades, swing trades, and trades for the long-haul
  • David’s life work culminates in this tool. He has taken the methods to organize ticker tape data developed by Richard Wyckoff and modernized these same methods into a robust tool that organizes the highly active and volatile markets of today into precise tradable signals.

A Classic Trade – Only Better

Here’s a chart of September Copper. It shows a classic Wyckoff trade setup known as the “Jump Across the Creek.” Many traders find this difficult to trade because volatility runs high after the

Jump. But look at the Weis Wave volume indicator. It clearly shows that as Copper backs up to the edge of the creek, it is successfully testing and showing in clear language that supply is not a factor in this market. This paves the way for a strong rally, which we see.

David will teach you this and many other setups and nuances in the Weis Wave Webinar. Register early and secure your seat for one of the most exciting and informative educational events in trading.

Have You Noticed This?

Most of the trades illustrated here are all from the same day – July 29, 2011. There was nothing special about July 29; it was just a typical trading day. Some trades are long; some are shorts. We see trades in different markets such as silver, corn, the dollar/yen, and copper. These trades set up across the various markets every day, day in and day out. Swing and longer-term traders will see similar activity highlighted by the Weis Wave. It is the clarity of the Weis Wave that makes the difference. What markets would you like clear wave indications to trade?

Stop Entering too Early: Time Your Trades

One of the useful aspects of the Weis Wave is that it helps provide clear trading timing. Let’s look at this intraday December Corn futures chart to see an example. Here, Corn moves down sharply

after the open. We know that momentum like this usually results in lower prices yet to come. But, where do we get on board? The Weis Wave tells us. After the expected pullback, note the weak rally on low wave volume at the blue arrow. Here is the short opportunity we have been waiting for, and the Weis Wave tells us exactly when the demand has become exhausted. A price bar and volume chart would not have revealed this profitable short trade.
It’s for Swing Traders, too

Here is a daily chart of Deere, a US stock. Again, look at the typical volume display during the month of April. It is hard to read. The clear change in behavior of supply entering the market was

not seen in the standard chart. The Weis Wave shows the distinct increase in selling into April 12. It also clearly shows the poor demand on the rallies into the end of the month. Compare again the information given by the standard chart and the Weis Wave Chart. Wouldn’t you like the insight offered by David’s terrific tool?

Finally, FX Traders have a Terrific Volume Tool

And here is something for the FX traders! For the first time, you have a usable tool for volume. In the Dollar/Yen chart below, we see the waves and the wave volume. Again, skilled traders will see

the shortening of the thrust in the price waves. We also see that demand is waning in the volume waves, as well. Then, behavior changes: an increase in the down wave with strong downside wave volume – sellers have stepped in and aggressively sold the market. This change in behavior is immediately seen by the Weis Wave. Patiently, we wait for the rally to exhaust itself, which again, is clearly seen by the Weis Wave. The market rolls over for a very nice downside trade!

Learn More

We’ve spent time detailing the kinds of insight this tool provides because it is truly a unique and valuable instrument. We want to understand its value. But there is more, much more. David will teach you all the details you need to know in this webinar. If you would like this specialized knowledge and this specialized tool built from decades of research into the Wyckoff Method by the acknowledged world-expert of the Wyckoff Method, order here for a special discount to view the webinar on Weis Wave plug-in indicator.

Weis Wave Webinar & Indicator Plug-In

Join David as he presents his Weis Wave and how to use it in this recording. This is a rare opportunity to learn cutting-edge Wyckoff analysis from the best in the business. David was a teacher early in his career, and understands how to present material so that his audience gains the maximum educational benefit.

David will take you through the Weis Wave, step-by-step. You will quickly learn:

  • the details of how it expresses volume so clearly
  • how to read the price & volume waves
  • key conditions for trade setups – both long and short
  • how to enter trades
  • where to exit them
  • settings by market and time frame
  • and much more …

In this special package, you will get both the webinar ($199) and the Weis Wave Plug-in ($500) for the usual cost of the plug-in. That’s $500 for a powerful indicator and all the in-depth knowledge of how to use it.

Gary Dayton – Weis Wave Plugin
Price: $500
You Just Pay:  $147.00
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