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How to grow your fan base faster and cheaper with next-level list building strategies
Effectively harness the power of content marketing and social media to build your ideal audience and drive more sales!
Content marketing is the act of creating free high quality content which delivers value to your target audience, enabling you build trust , rapport and authority. Relationship building is key to any sales process and using an effective content marketing strategy you will be able to establish you and your brand as authorities within your Niche.
Many start ups, business owners, entrepreneurs and creative professionals are aware that content marketing is the way forward but lack a clear vision of how to get started, others know how to get started and are well aware of the benefits but put off doing it because they are afraid the workload will be overwhelming.
The truth is delivering outstanding content is time consuming – however having a solid understanding of the basics and having a solid planning framework to follow makes the process significantly easier.
provides you with a solid framework which will lay the foundations for you having a solid practical working knowledge of how to plan and launch, analyze , grow, outsource and automate the entire process.
You will learn:
How To Identify Your Target Audience
What A Customer Avatar Is
How To Build An Avatar
Find Out Where Your Customers Hangout Online
Find Out How Your Customers Behave Online
Find What Your Customers Aims Are Online
Find What Stops Your Customers Taking Action
What The Relationship Is Between Social Media And Content Marketing
Why You Need A Content Plan
How To Create Your Awesome Content Plan
What A Content Hub Is And Why You Need One
How To Use Social Media To Distribute Your Content
What Kind Of Content Works Best On Each Platform
What Makes Each Social Media Platform Unique
How To Grow Your Campaign Using Analytics
How To Use Facebook Fanpage Analytics
How To Use Twitter Analytics
How To Use Google Analytics
How To Amplify Your Campaign X 10
How To Find Top Influencers In Your Niche To Work With
How To Prepare To Submit A Guest Post To A Top Influencers High Authority Blog
How To Outsource Guest Posting To High Authority Blogs For Just $5
How To Automate The Process Using Software
As well as the video content you will also receive a 20 page guide to creating a content plan called “Your Awesome Content Plan” – which breaks the process down even further.
I am also available to help all of my students who are welcome to contact me directly with any questions they may have related to this course, social media or content marketing in general.
All Students are invited to join our secret VIP Facebook group “Social Media Marketing Lounge” where I will providing further training, updates, free software and eBooks, invites to exclusive events only available to group members.
Sociocaster Founder Adi Suandharu has been kind enough to give every student who takes this course a basic Sociocaster account – which is worth $37! Sociocaster is multi platform social media management tool which will make automating your content marketing campaign significantly easier!


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