Name Product:  Get Seen ​on Google
Market price: $49.99
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Become an SEO Expert for your own website development or as a career.
​ This step – by – step guide shows you everything that you need to know and do to get your websites to the top of every search engine – worldwide.

Get Seen on Google
And all other Major Search Engines
The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization ​& Internet Marketing

Why Page 1 of Google is the ‘Must Have’
Google is, by far, the most popular search engine with 115 billion searches made every day.
34% of searchers visit the website listed in position one of Google search results.
Only 4% of searchers visit page 2 of Google.
​If you are not on page 1 of Google, you only have two choices:
Your business may never reach its full potential
You may have to spend a fortune on advertising

In the modern digital age, having a good product or service and a well-designed website is only half of the equation.  What’s more important is what is going on behind the scenes.  The elements of your website that the search engines see.

How you can influence Google to rank your site higher
Throughout this eBook, we show you the techniques and tools that SEO professionals use to ensure that theirs or their client’s websites achieve the highest possible rankings.

Local, National or International
The techniques used for local, national and international SEO are very different.  There is no point wasting your time and energy optimizing your website for international SEO if you only serve a local community.  We explain the different methods used and show you how to implement them.

We support you all the way
We understand that our customers need on-going support in an ever changing digital world.  A simple change to Google’s algorithms can undo much of the good work that you have done.  If you are unaware, you might struggle to correct it. TO SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY we offer:

Combining our own knowledge and ongoing research with the experience of other SEO professionals around the world, we will send you regular updates from the SEO community.  (you can opt out at any time)

What you get with
​’Get Seen on Google’
A 139 Page eBook & ​50 Video Tutorials
Detailing all of the steps that you need to follow to achieve the maximum Page Rank for your website.
​A step by step guide which introduces you to a wide range of free resources to optimise your website for maximum performance.

Exclusive Membership of the GSoG Club
Our Exclusive Members Only Portal Currently features 50 video tutorials with new ones being added all the time.
Also included, at No Extra Cost, is a range of mini eBooks on essential topics,
​The GSoG Club is being constantly updated.  Visit as often as you want to hone and develop your SEO skills.

Name Product:  Get Seen ​on Google
Market price: $49.99
Home sale: http://www.getseenon.com/
Download here: http://businessguideoffer.com/get-seen-%E2%80%8Bon-google/