Gonzalo Paternoster- JoyProof Video Only
A proven automated system that filters out candidates for you… leaving you with highly skilled and motivated outsourced employees.
Step-by-step hiring blueprint that makes the entire process a breeze…
Quickest & cheapest outsourcing secrets to find and hire talented overseas help…
You won’t even look at resumes until the last step of the application process…
Saves you time, money and increase the quality of people you hire…

The “ultimate” remote employee monitoring solution that guarantees you get all the hours you pay for from your remote employees.
Install in less than 2 minutes on any computer…
Watch 8 hours of work in as little as 3 minutes Pinpoint what work was being done during a specific time…
Watch your employee videos from your computer, tablet, or phone…
One click integration to upload videos to any free personal cloud storage provider…
Outsource All-Star Automation
JoyProof for 3 Employees
Outsource All-Star Automation with JoyProof Software – 3 employees – RC

Outsource All-Star Automation PLUS JoyProof for 10 Employees

** Special Bonus **
60 Minute Phone Consult with Gonzalo Only 2 Spots Left Outsource All-Star Automation with JoyProof Software – 10 employees – RC

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