Harlan Kilstein - Tube Traffic Jam - The YouTube Secret Weapon
Harlan Kilstein – Tube Traffic Jam – The YouTube Secret Weapon  
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Author: Harlan Kilstein
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Creating A Traffic Jam
Traffic – List – Money
The first course that checks your work so you can’t make a mistake! –
Look over your shoulder approach ensures your success –
Have the confidence of having a YouTube insider guiding you step by step –
Inside information on targeting with suggestions for keywords –

Week 1
Ready – AIM – Fire
Defining our goals on paper
Where do we want to unleash our traffic jam?
Traffic Jam to build massive list
Traffic Jam to build an arbitrage site
Traffic Jam to build affiliate paydays
Mapping out our game plan

Week 2
Turning On the Traffic
Setting Up A YouTube Channel
Setting Up An Adwords Account (Coupons)
Linking the Two Together
Adding Your Supervisor
What are your keywords?
Spying on the competition
Secret Codes that make you rich

Week 3
What are YouTube viewers looking for?
Discovering buyer intent
Now: What are YOUR buyers looking for?
What makes a good ad (YouTube tells you)
The ad everyone does (and doesn’t work)
Why crappy ads out pull fancy ads
The Five Formula
Getting the Click

Week 4
Getting your ad reviewed before you test it.
Uploading your ad and adding end cards.
Adding your websites to YouTube
YouTube’s Rule of Two
Getting Your Keywords approved
Testing on a low budget
Getting your results approved

Week 5
Ad creation strategies
Using the equipment and software you have.
Ad creation can’t be THIS easy can it?
Does you ad have the main ingredient?
Adding your CTA
YouTube’s new changes
YouTube’s one weakness (and how to prepare for it)

Week 6
Affiliate cash strategies
What belongs in an affiliate video
List building videos
What belongs in a list building video
Arbitrage videos
Testing and tracking
Scaling for the win!

The YouTube Secret Weapon
What DOESN’T Google know?
Retargeting Strategies
Look-a-like lists
Retargeting Strategies
Launch strategies
Outsourcing Strategies

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