Igor Ledochowski - Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis

To help you decide if you have the kind of dedication to be the best hypnotist you can be… here are just a few (of the many) advanced hypnosis secrets you will be able to use:

* How to do Erickson’s famous “5 Minute Hypnotist” routine: this is a simple 3 step process that Erickson used in EVERY induction he did to create powerful trances – now you’ll be able to do the same thing with a new subject so you have easy and FAST access to changing their unconscious patterns of behavior!
* How to develop elegant Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns so your subject’s unconscious mind hypnotizes ITSELF! (you’ll be turning the subject into their own hypnotist with the Ericksonian language secrets you use).
* How to find powerful resources in places the subject never would have thought to look – as a hypnotist you’ll be able to switch on the “torch of awareness” inside their mind so they suddenly see (and FEEL) solutions they were not able to see before! (When a person suddenly “sees” something they’ve not been able to see before all of their “old limiting story” – and the BAD feelings around that – instantly collapse).
* How to easily create the perfect conditions for powerful natural and deep trances to occur — even if you are in a crowded, noisy room.
* How to catch and spot the subtle offers the subject’s unconscious mind makes — when you know how to spot the unconscious moments a person is giving you, with a few simple questions, your subject literally hypnotizes THEMSELVES (there’s no resistance!)
* How to develop the powerful “H+” state that allows you to effortlessly initiate deeper and deeper states of hypnosis in your subject without feeling like you are PUSHING hypnosis techniques onto someone.
* Discover how to do Erickson’s mythical “Deep Trance Phenomena” for creating powerful changes in the unconscious. Use this in your sessions and your reputation as a hypnotist will soar!
* How to use your subject’s experiences to develop irresistibly effective hypnotic “mind pictures” that they naturally identify with. HINT: It’s easier to re-align someone’s identity when you use “mind pictures”they ALREADY identify with.
* The different kinds of hypnotic stories you can plant in a person’s unconscious mind so natural bodily healing occurs.
* How to convert virtually any hypnotic technique into an innocent sounding hypnotic story that has a profound positive (even life-altering) impact on people’s lives.
* How to quickly “hijack” people’s naturally occurring trances and turn them into deep healing experiences of their traumatic emotions.
* And of course that’s just scratching the surface of what we’ll be covering together in the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis training.
Main Program Consisting Of
28 Information Packed DVDs:
DVD #01:
Introduction To Ericksonian Hypnosis And Unconscious Moments
– This is the foundation on which everything else is built – it’s easy so that anyone can do it
DVD #02:
Hypnotic Language, Language Softeners And Priming Phenomena.
– Master the core for hypnotic language
– The secret for getting deep trance phenomena easily – first step is revealed
– Special demo: I work with a subject who is afraid to go deep in case she doesn’t come back. 7 minutes later she is delighted to go into deep trances
DVD #03:
Natural Trance Phenomena & Ericksonian Fractionation Revealed
– Develop the qualities of an Ericksonian hypnotist – your voice and fractionation
DVD #04:
How To Get Hypnotic Phenomena And The Trance Signals Induction.
– More advanced uses of hypnotic language
– The secret to the famous “embedded suggestions” – the way Erickson used them
– More details on how to get phenomena easily
– New induction that uses the subject’s responses to ride into trance
DVD #05:
The Revivification Induction & Dealing With Problematic Revivifications.
– Review of day 1 (first 4 dvds)
– How to easily do revivifications – one of the key hypnotic techniques of Erickson
– A student says she can’t access the memories to revivify them – in less then 8 minutes I show you how to get the result anyway
– How to give feedback to the unconscious mind
DVD #06:
How To Revivify Trance Phenomena, Dealing With A Resistant Arm Levitation And The Early Learning Set.
– Advanced strategy for deep trance phenomena (DTP)
– Student complains he keeps failing to get an arm levitation – and is getting frustrated. Watch how I turn things around – not only does he get an arm levitation, he ends up unable to put it down again afterwards (until of course I cancel that suggestion)!
– The power of hypnotic sets: Erickson’s famous early learning set explained – and a variation that makes trance safer to explore
DVD #07:
The Unconscious Protector Set And Fractionation Cycles.
– How to master the unconscious protector set
– How to train someone to go into very profound trances
DVD #08:
“Dr. Unconscious”, The Dr. Unconscious Induction and Making
Fractionation Even More Profound.
– How to use Ericksonian confusion during the trance induction so that your subjects races into a deep trance to resolve it
– How to play with the conscious mind so that their resistance becomes as slippery as a wet fish and just disappears
DVD #09:
Purposeful Trance Phenomena and Ericksonian Arm Levitations.
– Learning summary to remind you of everything you have learned
– More advanced secrets of DTP – how to get results, fast! Erickson’s favorite Deep Trance Phonomena – explained, demonstrated and experienced
DVD #10:
Hijacking Inner Dialogues And Dealing With Resistance Or A “Doubting Thomas”.
– More secrets for getting an arm levitation easily
– Student complains that his thinking is getting in the way: watch how I hijack those thoughts to actually get the result
– An exercise to help you deal with “Doubting Thomas” type of people more easily
DVD #11:
Erickson’s Classic Routines And The Memory Lane Induction.
– Classic routines from Erickson’s actual casework
– How to start working with regression the way Erickson did
– How to gently & easily explore memories
DVD #12:
Developing Regression With Erickson’s “Imaginary Crystal Ball” Induction.
– Erickson’s famous “crystal ball” induction demonstrated and explained
DVD #13:
Erickson’s Key “Dreaming Arm” Levitation Revealed Part 1.
– Detailed Q&A session on concepts so far
– The powerful “dreaming arm” for quick, easy and effective therapy – demonstrated and explained
DVD #14:
“Dreaming Arm” Levitation Revealed Part 2.
– How to practice the dreaming arm therapeutic induction for yourself
DVD #15:
How To Overcome Problems Of Denial, Avoidance And Other
Defense Mechanisms – Part 1.
– Another key concept in Ericksonian therapy: the objective review – demonstrated & explained
DVD #16:
How To Overcome Problems of Denial, Avoidance And Other
Defense Mechanisms – Part 2.
– Step by step instructions for succeeding with the objective review yourself – with student demo and full debrief discussion
DVD #17:
Precision Language And How To Use Negation The Right Way.
– More advanced sophisticated language patterns of erickosnian hypnosis
DVD #18:
Direct And Covert Ericksonian Conscious/Unconscious Dissociations
– This was Erickson’s favorite induction – watch it in action, then…
– Get the secrets for creating your own versions
– How to make Erickson’s favorite induction more covert with the “hypnotic lecture”
DVD #19:
Strategic Therapy, “Hidden Talents” And The hidden Talent Induction.
– How to think like Erickson did when he saw a new client
– The strategy that helps you choose what techniques you want to use
– Discover the hidden talents each subject has that will have them access dtp with ease
DVD #20:
The Key Elements Of All Therapeutic Trances Revealed.
– Long & detailed Q&A session – we’ve covered a lot so far, so lets make sure it’s all clear!
– Q&A on how to turn your trance skills into therapeutic skills
– A simple structure that you can use for Ericksonian hypnotherapy
DVD #21:
Using The Principles Of Therapeutic Trances In Hypnotherapy
– Apply the hypnotherapy induction for yourself – with step by step setup, full student demo and debrief
DVD #22:
How To Weave Therapeutic Trance Principles With Erickson’s Key
Processes To Create Powerful Ericksonian Hypnosis.
– How to make the hypnotherapy structure more Ericksonian
– The dreaming arm revisited
– The dreaming arm used for therapy inside this new Ericksonian model demonstrated by me
DVD #23:
Ericksonian Strategies And The 6 Trance Skills Revealed
– Q&A session + in depth review of all the skills (and there are many)
– Time for your conscious mind to catch up with everything your unconscious has learned
– More strategies of Ericksonian hypnotherapy
DVD #24:
How To Create Simple Hypnotic Stories Easily.
– This is the foundational training of hypnotic stories. It warms up the storytelling mind to make it easy to find therapeutic stories.
– Develop your own hypnotic stories with ease
– 4 simple exercises that will let you create a good repertoire of hypnotic stories for use on many occasions
DVD #25:
How To Turn Simple Stories Into Killer Ericksonian Stories That
Create Lasting Change
– Advanced storytelling for therapy
– How to make stories so subtle the conscious mind never knows what is happening
– How to ensure the stories are therapeutic and help the client resolve an issue
DVD #26:
How To Apply Ericksonian Hypnotherapy To Physical Healing
– Learn to adapt all your skills for physical healing
– How to create your own protocols to deal with allergies, pain, surgery and other physical applications of hypnosis
– Student demo of the “Physical Healing” protocol in action
DVD #27:
Hypnotherapy Practice Dos & Don’ts.
– Learn the important practice management skills you will need to know for your private practice including important legal & ethical things that you need to think about!
DVD #28:
Final Student Demo Putting All That Has Been Learnt Into Practice & Conclusion
– Watch a student put all the skills of the program together to do a genuine piece of Ericksonian hypnosis that last about 1 hour – see someone that had little or no previous experience of Ericksonian hypnosis using all the skills of the course naturally to get a great result

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