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Have you ever gone into a deal or a
negotiation knowing success was INEVITABLE?
A situation you would (no doubt) DOMINATE?

THAT’S what I call “mental dominance.”

Mental Dominance is like having 60 different influence and persuasion playbooks, so that no matter what the situation, you come out smelling like a proverbial rose.

Each one of these formulas takes full advantage of the 12 Agents of Influence you discover inside Power Influence…

… as well as many of the cognitive biases and thinking errors guys commonly fall prey to.

For instance:

  • One formula reveals “How to get anyone to do you a favor no matter what”…
  • Another template allows you to “Get anyone to say yes to your invitation”…
  • And yet another shows you “How to close lucrative, high-ticket consulting contracts”…

Plus 57 more…

As one of my Team Capital guys said…

“The Mental Dominance Course AMPLIFIES
Power Influence Principles and Strategies 100X”

= Unstoppable Success

The Mental Dominance course totally complements Power Influence.

It’s like you now have the complete puzzle.

With Mental Dominance, you have at your command…

A winning, targeted persuasion formula for
ANY situation you may ever need!

Each backed by all the latest research, insightful stories and empirical evidence inside Power Influence.

Now when I was at the Miami Retreat, I invited guys in attendance to get a pre-release version of the Mental Dominance course.

Imagine, hundreds of guys in a packed Miami ballroom.

Then at one point, mysteriously almost a third of them gets out of their chairs…

…. storm to the back of the room…

…. pull out their credit cards…

… and pre-order a program worth at least $6000.

Incredibly they did this WITHOUT being pitched.

Without being “sold”.

Do you think that was a mere accident

PRICE: You can get this course with only $39
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