Jay White – AWAI – Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market
Jay White – AWAI – Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market
Price: $197
You Just Pay: $57
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The Only Market That Pays You Six Figures to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!
Imagine … nurturing your body with an amazing super food of the Orient. Toning your muscles and shedding weight with the latest exercise breakthrough. Becoming a better negotiator. Managing stress through meditation. Even teaching parrots how to speak.
Or … experimenting with the latest yoga poses for golfers. Learning persuasive speaking skills. Discovering savvy real estate investing secrets. Healing through divine intervention with angels. Exploring feng shui. Using mental push-ups to boost your intelligence.
All the while, helping millions of other people enjoy the SAME experiences!
This market is HOT – and is expected to grow 6.2% yearly until 2012 – creating a $13.62 billion market in need of copywriters like you!
It’s burning for talent like yours. Here’s how you can get in on it NOW!
By the end of this year, not only may you be on your way to a six-figure income – you may also have helped millions of people worldwide improve their lives.
Like when you showed the over-worked entrepreneur how he could work smarter with a business management product. Or when you helped the single mom working three jobs to get involved in real estate so she could finally make some easy money without sacrificing time with her kids.
Then there was the time when you helped the 30-year-old struggling with self-confidence find his self-worth so he could go after the job he truly wanted. And you also helped the salesperson improve his sales skills so that he could advance in his career.
There were even occasions when you just brought some fun into someone’s life – like the time you showed a 20-year-old how she’d look with a makeover.
But that’s not all. Along the way, you also helped yourself and those close to you. From the financial program you learned a better way to diversify your portfolio. From the vitamins you helped your cousin get rid of a bad case of gout. From the spiritual program you have found an inner peace. From the health product, you have regained energy throughout the day.
Your copywriting skill has given you a wonderful blessing: the opportunity to help other people and yourself. And the fact that you’re getting paid to write about these amazing products is the icing on the cake.
Transform your life into a fulfilling, exciting adventure
Perhaps you’ve identified the market I’m talking about – self-help. Maybe you’re already buying up all kinds of products like these – vitamins, diet programs, wealth-building programs, business skills books – you name it, because you want a better life.
But, you also want a successful copywriting career. You want six figures and the freedom … right?
If yes, then, you will love what I’m about to introduce you to. It’s an opportunity to get to talk with some of your favorite gurus … get your hands on hot-off-the-presses products before they even hit the market … help yourself, others, and enjoy a handsome income as a copywriter.
Tap into an $11.06 billion industry
I’m Catherine Cairns, an AWAI member who got into this market back in 2002. The market I’m speaking of is self-help.
If you’ve ever bought a book to help improve your business or personal skills, a wealth-building program, or even something fun such as a DVD teaching you how to play the guitar, or even a fitness DVD, you’ve been involved in self-help yourself.
And, so is the rest of America. Did you know, for instance, the U.S. market for self-help products is now worth $11.06 billion?
It seems that it’s human nature to want to improve yourself, and that’s not going to change any time soon. According to Market Data Enterprises Inc., this market continues to grow at an estimated 6.2% every year. At that rate, the value of this market will be $13.62 billion by 2012.
America has an almost limitless craving for self-improvement, and they turn to “gurus” for help and guidance. We want the magic pill, the quick fix … and we’re happy to pay for it.
So much of the self-help industry is about fixing something – whether it’s your sex life, your soul, or your cardiovascular system. And that means …
More than enough products
to fulfill a copywriter’s dreams
There are books, newsletters, courses, tapes, interactive web products … even foods and supplements. There are seminars, CDs, DVDs, and interactive software. There is inspirational music … as well as religious knick-knacks, personal care items (erase those wrinkles overnight!) and more gadgets than you can shake a stick at.
If you were to go to amazon.com to see how many self-help books were there, you’d find at least 220,000 of them. That’s a lot of opportunity for you, because every book has a publisher (which means potential clients)!
Let’s take a look at a couple of these clients …
You’ve probably heard of Rodale Press. If not, I’m sure you’re familiar with one of their key publications, Prevention magazine. Over the years they’ve added more and more products … Men’s Health magazine, Organic Gardening, Bicycling, and many more.
Nightingale-Conant is another direct-mail giant … one that I’ve been working with since 2002. They have books, CDs, DVDs and more on a variety of topics: personal development, business strategy, wealth-building, mind and body, and spiritual growth.
Many of their product offers are from big-time names like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins. These gurus also have products of their own, and that means … your skills are needed!
Why the millionaire gurus
need to hire copywriters like you!
Anthony Robbins, a writer and motivational speaker who has been called “America’s results coach” earns an estimated $80 million a year. His entire livelihood is based on his products and seminars, which means, he needs great copywriters like you!
He’s not the only motivational speaker either. The top 12 speakers (including speakers for Franklin Covey Co.) grossed $303 million last year. Speaking fees for this elite group generally range from $30,000 to $150,000. Many do public seminars or private workshops for executives, and more are moving into personal coaching.
Personal life coaching is worth about $1.5 billion and is growing rapidly. These coaches need clients, and you can help them get those clients.
Working in a market so diverse – and learning from gurus – can make you a very educated and aware person. And here’s an advantage that comes with that …

Jay White – AWAI – Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market
Price: $197
You Just Pay: $57
Home sale: http://archive.is/nUnEM#selection-497.0-677.152
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