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Name Product: Jeremy Shoemake – Shoe Money Blueprint
COST: $47
Author: Jeremy Shoemake
Size: 5.46 GB

The Shoe in Money Blueprint (Clever name isn’t it) is a new updated set of tutorials that are designed for the new Internet Marketer to help learn how to make an online income. Inside Jeremy has create 7 modules that will take you from knowing nothing about Internet Marketing to making a good income using his techniques.  Much of what he says is right on the money.  There are quite a few good topics inside.  With his experience I would hope that he has these things down.  I see that he does for his own business and appreciate that he covers these topics for the new person, just starting out.
How is it Different from the Shoe Money System?

His previous incarnation way back in the dark ages of the internet (yes way back in 2010) was the Shoe Money System. Even this free (now free for an email address) program still has some merit but the techniques are old and outdated.  Well worth a look if you don’t mind being on yet another list. His new updated program called the Money Blueprint, takes care of much of the outdated information and does provide the new or intermediate marketer with some good information.
What is Included in the Blueprint?

Inside, Jeremy has created 7 modules that will take you through his information.
Module 1: Knowing How Super Affiliates Run Their Business

This is an overview of how you can run your business online.  It is the big picture.  I do have a bit of a problem with his promotion of how to run an online business without a website though.  A website is the basis of your online persona.  Without it there isn’t a good way to help your customer.  This feels quite Blackhat to me.
Module 2: What can you Promote

This module focuses on finding the right Clickbank product.  It also introduces you to how affiliate marketing works and how you will be earning money online.  Most of this module is good information but keep in mind that Clickbank is only one affiliate program and much of what is offered on Clickbank is quite sub-par.
Module 3: Creating Your Persona

Who are you?  What are your strength and weaknesses?  These are the topics covered in this module.  Take what you have and turn it into a Brand.  Come out of your shell and create something that you can be proud of.  I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this module.  This is important stuff that many new marketers don’t even consider when starting out.
Module 4: Social Networking

This module is about building relationships online.  This is an important concept.  My feeling is that he spends way too much time on Facebook but this social network can be an effective vehicle for getting social with your readers.  I find that done well, Twitter and Google Plus are much more effective ways to reach your audience.
Module 5: Persuasion

Jeremy goes into the art of persuasion in this section.  Again he shows you one way that you can persuade people.  His explanation uses the 3 P’s, pain, potential and proof.  These are useful but only scratch the surface of the topic.  For new people this is a good introduction though.
Module 6: WordPress

This module starts with the basics of WordPress, proceeds on with some good information on making it work better and be more effective, then jumps to relationship building with your vendors and getting better deals with your advertisers.  All in all a pretty good module.  Again this just scratches the surface of what you can do.
Module 7: Traffic

This is the meat of his course, he gives a great overview of the ways that you can drive people to your site.  All of his methods are well thought out and he does a pretty good job of explaining the merits of each technique.
What is Missing from the Product?

As I mentioned earlier, many of his modules don’t give you the whole picture.  There are vital points to the process that are missing. The other issue that I have with the Shoe in Money Blueprint is that there is absolutely no community aspect.  You get the course, and you are pretty much on your own.  Wealthy Affiliate provides a huge support network that will help new folks to progress quickly and has a large community that will support you through your learning process.
The Trust Factor

As I was going through the course, I notice many of the people that are referenced are members of the Internet Illuminati.  What does this mean?  Well these are people that have done well in the Internet Marketing world but have gained a somewhat shady reputation. Peng Joon has actually joined the Empower Network Scam.  If the owner of this system is a member of the largest scam currently on the internet, does that instill trust? Many of these folks are worth emulating but I find that to create a sustainable business model, you need to be above board and develop trust with your readers.  Associating with the less than reputable marketers does not develop that trust.
Is the Shoe in Money Blueprint a Scam?

I would not say that the Shoe in Money Blueprint is a scam but there are enough red flags that I would not take an uninformed look at this system.  You may still want to buy this system and take it for what it is but take everything you learn with a grain of salt.  Much of it can get you in trouble with Google and while it may result in short term profits, you may find this is not a sustainable business model. By creating your business completely White Hat and being above board and honest, you have the best chance of creating a long term business that will stand the test of time.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches only sustainable, honest techniques that will work for you and help you to create a business that you can be proud of.

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