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Anticipation. If there is one word that really describes the annual pinnacle moments of entertainment, sports, and business, it’s anticipation.
Which team will win the big game? Who will receive the top award? What will the new release be like?
That’s why the week leading up to the Super Bowl is at a fever pitch with hype over which team will get the coveted Lombardi Trophy as the year’s best professional.
It’s why everyone is speculating and buzzing over who will get the nod for the supreme performance in movie leading up to its biggest stage in the Academy Awards.
And it’s why techies are glued to everything that happens in Cupertino, CA in the days preceding an announcement from the folks at Apple.
When things of significance to us only happen once per year or so, we get really excited as we draw closer to the big day. Just try steering clear of the hot topic in conversations … just try. It’s all every one seems to be talking about.
Not just any ‘ol event gets us worked up. It has to be something BIG. Something momumental. Something that dazzles…

PLR Sites are everywhere, but there is
only one package from the man who started PLR!

In 2001 I launched a monthly “resale rights” membership site (Profits Vault Monthly) that had a very successful run. I personally wrote each new product that members received each month. After a couple of years doing this I got “burned out” from the demands of creating new products on a regular basis and considered closing down the site or selling it.
Both of these options posed a problem for me. The site was making a lot of money every month, so simply closing it down seemed like a foolish thing to do. But, I couldn’t simply sell it … since members remained loyal because I was personally creating the content. A new owner wouldn’t work as members would no longer be getting MY content.
One month I simply couldn’t take it any longer. I looked at my computer and saw 4 or 5 reports that I had outsourced to ghostwriters and I decided that I’d just give them all to the members that month. There were reports on press releases, blogging, online auctions, success, making money. I told members they had a license to do anything they wanted with the content, even giving them suggestions on how to use the reports.
I called them “products in the rough”.
people went absolutely bezerk!
Members loved them! People were talking about them on the forums. Everybody was scrambling to join the site so they could get them. Little did I know it, but the PLR market as we know it today was birthed right there.*
The next month I did it again, this time providing members with “niche” reports such as getting in shape, relationships, time management and low carb recipes.
again people went bezerk!
I knew I was on to something. I called Ryan Deiss up and arranged for a trip to Austin to visit him. We had co-authored a couple of information products together and I wanted to get him in on this. (Lucky him! :-) We spent several days brainstorming and registered in 2003.
We were working on the salesletter when Ryan asked me an all-important question…
What should we call this licensing?
It’s not “resale rights” … it’s not “master rights” … it’s not “duplication rights”.
What is it?
I looked at him and said,

Presto… the plr industry officially got a title was launched, making it the very first successful PLR site as we know it today online. We sold out the initial 1,500 monthly memberships in a matter of days. And since that time dozens upon dozens of sites have launched to sell PLR content.
who cares? you will because…
I am well-known for creating the highest-quality PLR content in the industry. Don’t take my word for it, go ahead and Google me. (“Jimmy D. Brown”) You’ll find that my content is held in very high regard.
In fact, when I release PLR content with a limited number of packages available, they are usually in such demand that they sell out quickly. I created five such packages for five consecutive weeks and ALL FIVE of them sold out. And these were a minimum of $97 and up to $697 per package.
You don’t command those kinds of prices in that kind of
demand without being able to deliver the goods.
When you grab the Profits Vault v15 package below – the only one that will be made available for the next 12 months – you WILL get extremely high-quality content. That is a guarantee.
Listen, there are three kinds of content when it comes to PLR…

1. crummy
There’s no polite way to say this: some PLR content just stinks. If you’ve purchased a lot of private label works in the past, then you know what I mean. There are a lot of sites that hire extremely low-cost writers from non-English speaking countries and the result is shabby content that you’ll have to spend hours of time rewriting. Wasn’t that the reason you wanted PLR content in the first place … so you wouldn’t have to spend time doing it all yourself?

2. common
There are also some sites out there that provide content that is “good enough” to get by. It’s not awful. It’s ordinary. Common. Average. Nothing wrong with it if that’s what you want. These sites usually have good ghostwriters, so grammar and context should be fine. The problem is this: they are usually written by people who have no experience or knowledge about the topic they are writing. You know that, right? Me personally, if I want parenting articles, I don’t want them written by someone who has never had children themselves. Good writing is important, but better still is when good writing is combined with experience and knowledge.

3. choice
Finally, there is “choice” PLR content. Prime. High quality. 5-Star. This content represents the best of the best and isn’t readily available. You simply won’t find many places that offer licensing to this kind of first rate content. It’s well written and oozes with insight and a voice that speaks from hands on experience. When you find a source for this kind of PLR you grab it immediately and keep going back as often as you can for more.

Why So Excited? Because of what you can do with it.
Like I said earlier, not just anything will get us excited. Crummy PLR won’t do it. Not even common PLR will. But CHOICE, that’s worth anticipating.

what gets you excited?
That’s really the bottom line when it comes to buying and using private label content. It really depends on what type of consumer you are and what kind of materials you want to buy.
Do you want to get a bunch of “quantity” that sacrifices “quality”?
Are you not bothered by wasting time and experiencing frustration by rewriting poor content?
Can you accept your business being represented by ordinary or even undesirable material?

I’m guessing “crummy” or even “common” stuff doesn’t get you excited. Of course, maybe you’re wondering…

There are MANY ways to make money with PLR content. Here are just a few ways to profit from PLR included below…
Edit the content.
You may edit the content in any of the PLR materials above. You can add more information, extract information, combine it with other information and create your own original infoproducts to sell. Extract ezine articles, create rebrandable reports, blog posts, autoresponder mailings and so much more.
Sell the content.
Yes, each of the items above contains highly marketable content. You can begin selling the materials as they are right away, as long as you don’t claim authorship or include my name. You can edit them to make them into your own original products as well.
Record the information and sell it.
Another idea is to record yourself (or hire a professional) reading the content and create your own .mp3 audio products to sell online as a premium product. Or, burn your recordings to CD and create your own physical products.
Add the content to a membership site.
The content in these packages are full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. If you break these down into article format, you can have years of content ready to add week after week.
Create an online ecoaching program.
Incorporate these materials as part of a coaching program or e-class as handouts or supplements, or use them as the backbone of the information you share in your ecoaching program. Make a few “assignments” based around these, and you’d have a high-ticket offer in place.
Host a webinar.
Use the content in this package as a starting point for a webinar or teleseminar. This would include both free calls to use as lead generators to sell other offers, or as featured paid events to generate revenue.
Host a live seminar in your community.
Contact your local Chamber of Commerce. Put together a seminar and teach marketing tactics, using these documents as your training materials. Charge $100 or more per seat and host a seminar each month.
Niche them up!
Edit these for any industry you’re in. Customize them for your readers. There is a lot of information here that can be custom-tailored to non-marketing communities for fresh offers.
Give them to your Affiliates.
Need training for your affiliate program? It’s already done for you. Simply turn these materials into pdfs and add several of them to your affiliate center. You’ll train your affiliates to make more money for you. Or, convert some of them into rebrandable reports.
Use them yourself .
Of course, you can also read these amazing resources and put the information to use in your own business! Where else can you get an internet marketing education WITH PLR rights for a fraction of the cost of the products themselves?! (Hint: It’s a no-brainer.)

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