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Joe Karbo – The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches
Joe Karbo was renting a ramshackle house in a bad neighborhood along with his wife and eight children. He was $50,000 in debt and had had to refinance his car. In such a predicament, he notes, he was willing to try anything, ‘even if it seemed foolish and ridiculously easy’.
A friend told him about a system of mental conditioning that had amazing results when tried out on corporate executives. With nothing to lose, Karbo began implementing its principles. First, he wrote out his goals, which included ‘I own a $75,000 house on the water’, ‘My bills are paid’, and ‘I earn $100,000 a year.’ Using the system these became his reality remarkably quickly, and he resolved to write a simple book describing what he had discovered.
Self-published, The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches claimed to give readers ‘everything in the world you really want,’ and went on to sell over three million copies, assisted by Karbo’s now-famous advertisements and sales letters. These made some people think it was all a lot of hype, but did the book contain something of real value?
A scientific success system
Karbo spent 12 years running an advertising agency for the television industry. He did well, but lost a bundle when he tried to produce his own TV show. The failure, he says, was ‘the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me desperate enough to try anything—and I found Dyna/Psyc.’ Dyna/Psyc was his made-up term (dynamic + psychology/mind) for the goal-setting system he discovered. He defines it as: These laws are like electricity, a neutral force that can be used or misused, but through conscious development of the force you can usher in tremendous changes to your life.
The first element in the system is to identify exactly what you want.
State your destination
Karbo makes you ask youself: ‘What do I want?’ When you have to answer this in the specific it can be daunting, for while it is one thing to say to yourself ‘That would be nice to have’ or ‘I wish I could…,’ it is quite another to sit down and write out what you want in life. This is surprising, since it has been shown that people who do have written goals tend to live up to them. Those who don’t, drift.

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