John Carlton - Simple Writing System 2.0
John Carlton – Simple Writing System 2.0
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Once you understand the fundamentals and advanced salesmanship techniques I teach, you will never be frustrated or intimidated by any new marketing channel or technology. You will know exactly how to write what needs to be written to make the sale, every time.
John Carlton’s “Simple Writing System 2.0” Is Ready To Roll!
We’ve just released the updated and completely awesome NEW version of the famous Simple Writing System…
… and it’s now ready for you to dive in and finally learn:
How To Write Everything You’ll Ever Need To
Make Your Business Wildly Successful.

Here’s what’s up:
A few months ago my team and I reviewed every aspect of my long-running (and still extremely successful) Simple Writing System.
We dissected every minute of every lesson…
… every tip and every exercise…
… plus examined the comments and feedback supplied by thousands of SWS customers and students over the past eight years…
… looking for ways to improve, update and streamline everything.
Our goal was to make this already-successful program even better.
And, after months of review, research and debate…
… we headed off to an Arizona recording studio for a few grueling days of filming and production.
The result is stunning.  And I’m now announcing the release of…
The Simple Writing System 2.0
Home Study Course
Some of it is brand-spanking new. And some of the wonderful original stuff we simply couldn’t improve on remains.
For example, we kept every lesson, strategy, tactic and piece of advice that customers consistently tell us increases sales and conversions.
The SWS has been successfully applied to countless markets and every platform being used online and offline today (sales pages, VSLs, Facebook, webinars, email, squeeze pages, direct mail, print ads, PPC/AdWords,… just about everything used in modern marketing.)
Once you understand the fundamentals and advanced salesmanship techniques I teach, you will never be frustrated or intimidated by any new marketing channel or technology. You will know exactly how to write what needs to be written to make the sale.
However, in critical areas, we improved and streamlined several key lessons.
We did this by paying careful attention to what our students and teachers have told us about the SWS… and especially how it’s impacted their lives and their businesses.
We were damn good at teaching people how to write killer copy 8 years ago… and we’re much better at it now. (Yes, the process has even helped me – and multiple other top writers – dial up our skills dramatically.)
So we reviewed every lesson, every topic, and every exercise.
Where something could be improved or streamlined, we did that.
And we added some new lessons and topics to fill in the occasional holes in the original SWS. (The world has changed a bit in eight years… and we’ve been on top of every shift in how today’s marketing works.)
We call this version of the SWS the “Home Study Course” because it’s designed for you to go through on your own, at your own pace.
You do not have to be anywhere at a specific time and there are no deadlines.
Over the years, we’ve seen every possible approach – some folks go slow, some go fast, some cram it in over a few weekends, some commit an hour or two each week…
… and it all works.
Sign up today and here’s what you’ll get –
18 Video Lessons
Each one designed to move you quickly toward a total understanding and mastery of the sales-message-writing process.
I’ll break down the exact process I use to craft winning sales messages.
I’ll explain how and why you’ll use each of my steps in your sales letters, videos, and ads.John Carlton’s Simple Writing System Video
I’ll show you examples of winning ads, many of which ran successfully for years.  (You’ll be getting the full version of all of these ads.  More on that below…)
Each video is HD quality.  And, best of all, you’ll be able to watch these videos any time you want… on any device you want…  at your own pace… as many times as you want… from anywhere in the world.  (More on this below, too.)
You’ll learn to write sales copy by writing sales copy.
Each lesson gives you a chance to put your new skills to work by providing a short, fun, laser-focused exercise.  These exercises show you exactly how to bring what you learned in the video to life.
Do these exercises (which I strongly recommend, but of course that’s up to you)…
… and then include your new killer copy in your current website, emails, Facebook ads, etc and you can start closing more sales almost immediately.
Your notes are already done for you.
Included in your home study package is a comprehensive workbook that contains all the notes you’d ever want to take from my slides in the workshop.John Carlton’s Simple Writing System Workbook
PLUS — and this is a BIG plus — the workbook is also loaded with FULL examples of proven ads… so you can see exactly how each step fits into real-world marketing. There’s no theory here. It’s all hard-core reality-based info. (Most of these ads are mine, including my most sought-after stuff.)
That means this workbook (over 300 pages deep) is a fire-breathing SWIPE FILE of the best ads you’ll ever lay your hands on… to copy, to use for inspiration, to rip from and use as blueprints.
In short…
… this system is a concise, packed-solid “one stop resource” for helping you write everything you’ll ever need to write to make your business rock the bottom line.
But wait…
… there’s more.
* Brand new in SWS 2.0 *
We’ve added this huge bonus
We’re including the very best of Simple Writing System exercises and student / teacher Q&A from previous SWS Coaching Programs.
This means you’ll also — through this deep resource of seeing how others handled the SWS – gain insights and advice from SWS Coaches like me, David Garfinkel, David Deutsch, Kevin Rogers, Harlan Kilstein, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan, Chris Haddad and other “A List” copywriters and marketers who have taught SWS classes over the years.
It’s like having access to the wisdom and applied strategies of the best in the game…
… all laid out for you to use, learn from, and profit with.
When you complete the course, you’re armed with the skills, insight, tactics and strategies of the best copywriters in the world. And you can now plow headfirst into your marketing, knowing you can write everything you need, whenever you need it.
And even if you hire a freelancer to write something for you, you’ll know what the copy should look like. You’ll be that freelancer’s worst nightmare, because he’ll be forced to give you his best stuff.
Ads, videos, websites, emails, speeches and sales pitches… every single thing you will ever need to make your bottom line hum, you will finally know how to create quickly, effectively, and with the mastery of a top writer.
What’s more…
… you are not on the hook even a little bit by checking this system out,
Because you have a…
30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
Here’s how it works:

Order your Simple Writing System Home Study Course right now. Choose either one payment or the generous payment plan.
You’ll get immediate access to the video lessons so you can get started right away, if you like.
Your SWS Workbook will be shipped to you soon as possible (usually within one business day).
If at any time within the next 30 days you decide this system is not for you…

… simply return the workbook (in any condition)… and you will receive a prompt refund.
I bent over backwards to create this home study course — literally pouring everything I know about systematically writing great sales messages into it.
It’s worked for so many people, that I’m betting it will work for you, too… if you’ll just give it the slightest chance. And if it doesn’t… you get your refund, promptly and without hassle.
This means you really risk nothing.
So… how much is this new version?
You will be stunned at the bargain we’ve prepared for you here.
I’m expensive to hire. My hourly consulting rate is $2,500, my day rate runs up to $15,000, and negotiations for getting me to write an ad start at $30,000 plus royalties.
I am typically paid thousands just for showing up at events to speak. My blog, my books, even my Facebook page is devoured by thousands of people worldwide… all clamoring for more and more insight, advice and mentoring.
However, because the SWS is my heart and soul, we’ve decided to offer this at-home-do-it-yourself version at the ridiculously reasonable bargain rate of just

How About a Lifetime of Free Bonus Training?
The fundamentals you learn with me can be applied to everything you need to make your biz successful… without exception. That’s always been the case.
However, because past students requested more detail about these specific uses of the SWS, we’ll be creating a series of bonus tutorials that will show you exactly how to apply your new killer salesmanship skills to pretty much every aspect of online and offline marketing.
We’ll be adding these tutorials and others to the SWS Home Study course over the next several months.  As we do, you’ll get access to all of them… PLUS all updates and new bonuses as we add them in the years to come….
… for FREE.  If you get started today.
You’ll get The Simple Writing System For:

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Video Marketing (YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, DailyMotion, etc.)
Paid Advertising (AdWords and other ad networks)
Opt-In Pages (so you’ll capture more qualified leads)
Video Sales Letters (VSLs)
Email Marketing (to warm up and close your best prospects)
Online Retail (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.)
Blogging & Content Marketing
Direct Mail
And whatever new and profitable platforms come along next.

I’m Also Tossing in a Full Membership to
The Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club
That’s right.  You’ll get 6 free months of full membership in the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club – the online one-stop resource for marketers, entrepreneurs, and copywriters that we’ve been hosting for years.
Here, you get:

A rotating archive of proven ads and timeless marketing lessons, strategies, and examples. Each ad is backed up with commentary, insights, and an explanation of how it was created and why it worked (Swipe files of my ads alone have kick-started the careers of countless copywriters, and fueled the best years of oodles of entrepreneurs.)
Unlimited chances to bend the ear of the entire Marketing Rebel Team on ANY biz, marketing, advertising, or even lifestyle questions. Would you like to have a place to turn to experienced marketers and small business owners who have been there and done that… ready to answer whatever questions you have on software, hiring, running a growing business… whatever else is holding you back? Inside the Marketing Rebel Insider’s Club, that’s exactly what you’ll find.
As a full-privileged member in the MRIC, you are eligible for being chosen for a private Hot Seat consult with Stan and me, which we do monthly. That’s a full personal session with us, discussing your biz, your issues, your questions and sticking points. Clients who buy these Hot Seat consults shell out $2500 per session. For the MRIC members who get chosen, it’s FREE. (All members have access to these sessions, so you’ll benefit from these Hot Seats every month.)

This makes the MRIC a tremendous resource to have for advice and tactics on the details of running a business.
You’ll find answers to any aspect of your online (and most offline) questions.
And it’s all for free.  If you’re ready to stop thinking about it and you know it’s time for you to learn the real-world skill of writing ads that sell.
To join, just hit this link.

PRICE: You can get this course with only $67
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