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Trying and Trying and Trying and
Still Nowhere in Google?
Your Website Never, Ever Will Rank. Never.
Because You Are in Penalty, (or You Will Be…)
…and Don’t Even Know it
As I said – this applies to about 95% of you reading this letter. Not everyone. But 95% of you…
And Do You Know What?
Today, in 2016…
Almost 100% of People
Who Have Their Websites in Penalty…
…Don’t Even Know It!

Bottom line is this. 95% of all SEOers sites are in Penalty and they don’t even know it. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, no matter what backlinks you build, you will never, ever rank while you are in penalty.
Building PBNs – worthless!
Building backlinks from Youtube, social bookmarks or anywhere – worthless!
Getting Social Signals – worthless!
Creating new content day after day – worthless!
Installing “magic” plugin after plugin – worthless!
Posting to FB and social sites – worthless!
Embedding and curating videos – worthless!…

“What is the full breakdown of what is covered in the SEO Recovery Course?” Answer:
Module 1:
The Google Crack Down – Background and Introduction
Module 2:
Google Penalty & Negative SEO Identification – How to Find to if your site is in penalty or under a negative SEO attack.
Module 3:
Eradicating a Google Panda Penalty – How to do it!
Module 4:
Eradicating a Google Penguin or EMD Penalty
Module 5:
Dealing With a Google Manual Penalty
Module 6:
Defeating a Negative SEO Attack – “hey attacker – is that all you’ve got?!!!”